Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My new niece! 

She doesn't quite have a name yet, but she sure is sweet. :)

My sister arrived at the hospital Monday morning at 5:45 and this little girl was delivered by 6:00. They didn't have time to give my sister a single drug or even get her IV in. She is one tough girl. 

So happy she is here! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Patience, Patience, Patience

That is what I lack.

I'm serious. I am not very patient at all. Especially when dealing with things I can't control. It's extremely awful. I like to know everything about every situation I'm in and I never want to wait! I hate waiting. So much.

Well I guess Heavenly Father told our child this and our child is using this against me. (or trying to help teach me.....either way)

We went in for our appointment yesterday hoping to find out what this little munchkin is. Well he or she wasn't having that. Not for a second. Not only did it wrap its legs up and not let us see a single thing, it also hid behind the placenta AND decided to sleep through the entire ultrasound and not make a single move. (Well besides it's few little leg movements when my doctor was basically banging on my uterus trying to wake the child up. That was comfortable...not.)

I would post the ultrasound picture, but it's not that cool since all you can see is the baby's head and then a big blob. Plus I don't have it with me so maybe I will do that later.

She did get a little leg shot before she gave up and said she was going to guess a boy because she thought she maybe saw a little something besides the legs in there. But she also reserved the right to change her guess.

Mike swears he saw something too, but I just can't go with a guess. I need a for sure.

So we will wait and see! My favorite...

Monday, January 23, 2012


I can't stand to pull my blog up and see my urine sticks for one more second. 

So I needed to post something new and I had to think of something that I wanted to write about. Our life is kind of crazy right now and a lot of things are so uncertain, but we've been really blessed and continue to find blessings all around us. 

One of the biggest blessings I've felt like we've experienced recently has been to have such supportive and loving families. 
We have a crazy family. 
There's no denying that. 
Instead of having two sets of parents we have four. And between the two of us we have 2 biological siblings, 8 step siblings, and 3 half siblings. Plus 6 of those are married so we can add in all their spouses. And some of them have kids so that gives us 3 nephews and 2 nieces+2 step-nephews and 4 step-nieces. 
As you can imagine, the holidays are crazy. And sometimes, we can't see them all the time, but we still love it and are grateful for each little group of family that we have. 

Lately, we've been able to spend time with my dad and step mom Tara. And my little sister Addie. That's right people-little sister. And very little. She is 19 months old. (So yes if you are wondering our siblings range from about 33 to 19 months.) Her age is about the only thing that's 19 months though.

(This was taken awhile ago.. probably about 6 months ago)

This girl has got some serious spunk. 

Not only is she the only 1 and 1/2 year old I know that has an opinion on just about everything, but she also counts to ten, talks in sentences, and sings songs. (knowing the actual words to the songs) 
This girl is the real deal. 

My dad and step mom always joke that we have a lot in common. Here are my findings so far. 
-We both LOVE shopping. 
-We both love shoes. Addie shakes when she sees some shoes that she really likes.
-Both love fruit, but are a bit picky with vegetables. 
-Both big fans of fruit leathers.
-Both love naps.

And that's all I can think of for now. Maybe I am just a bit childish and that's why we have things in common....

Anyway, I am so happy that we've been able to spend time with Addie lately. She makes me so excited to have kids. :) I wouldn't be mad if my kiddies looked like her either because she is stinking cute. 

This is her angry-ish face. haha. She was frustrated with me not giving her my phone.

This is kind of a random video but she's just so cute I had to post it. :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I must apologize for my boring posts lately. Besides the last one, I've had nothing to seem to blog about!! Everytime I'd get on to post something, I'd realize I didn't have any pictures which makes things boring for sure, and then I'd start to write and realize that I'm just writing about myself and my life. I started to feel a little weird about that. So I mostly just decided that blogging was weird.

Because really--it kind of is. 

But then yesterday, I got a message on Facebook from my sweet little Grandma asking for my blog address. You see she lives in Oklahoma and we don't see her much. (Utah is a bit too cold for her liking) So I have decided that I will blog for my Grandma!! So she can stay updated and other family or friends who care can too! :)

The other thing I was feeling weird about was writing a ton of stuff about myself, or about how this pregnancy is going, or how sick I am, or what I'm craving, or my new years resolutions, blah blah blah. I started wondering why anyone would care about that stuff besides me. 

Until this morning when I was reading some random blogs myself. 

I suddenly realized those were the things I LOVED about reading other people's blogs. (as freaky as that might be..)

So with that all being said, I'm just gonna blog about whatever the heck is going on. As boring as it may be. For my Grandma. 

So here we go!


Well the last 13 weeks have definitely been interesting. I swear I've felt every emotion possible. A lot of fear, but that's only because I'm always worried about everything. A lot of excitement too, but meeting this new baby seems so far away right now that I think I am thinking more about how it's doing inside me. 

Finding out
We like babies and felt like it was getting to that time where we should get one of our own, but I was having some issues with my...well, cycle....and we didn't know how long things would take. I went to the doctor and she gave me some different medications to get things on track and in a few months walah! 

When I thought I might be preggers I took a test at the time I thought would be accurate for sure and it was negative. I just figured that it was going to take awhile to get things on track so I figured it just hadn't worked quite yet. A few days later, while waiting in line for H&M to open (of all places) I kind of had a weird feeling that I was pregnant. (I have learned not to always trust my "feelings" though--ask Mike how many times I had this sort of "feeling" haha) But this time seemed a little different, for one-I didn't feel like I was talking myself into it like I usually do. And for two-I had already kind of digested the fact that I wasn't so I wasn't thinking a ton about it. And the other thing I was feeling at that time was extreme hunger.. although I had eaten a few hours before. 

That night I started having some cramping, but it was kind of early for "cramping" to start, because I usually had that about every 2-3 months. (part of my issues) Believe me, I had done my research so I knew that cramping could be a sign of pregnancy. But I still didn't think that would be it and I didn't think a ton about it. The next morning, I remembered though and I took a test without Mike knowing thinking, "Eh what the heck.." As I watched the test, I thought maybe just maybe that second line was starting to appear. I didn't even know what to do. So I left the bathroom. I went to our room and just sat on the bed and said a prayer. I went back into the bathroom sweating and cold and looked down at the test. 

Sorry you are looking at my urine right now. But this is what the test looked like. That line was so light I didn't know whether to believe it or not. 

I don't think Mike believed it at all. haha When I went downstairs, I showed him the test and he didn't have a whole lot to say. I don't think he really could accept this little tiny line as proof. I think he said something like, "hmmm... well we'll see if something is in there huh?" We didn't talk a lot about it for the rest of the day and I resolved that I would take a different test in the morning and see if the line still appeared. 

That's when he got more excited. 

Telling Our Family
We kept it a secret for a long time, just to be safe and just talked about it when we were alone. It is a lot harder than it sounds. That's for sure. We kept it a secret for about 6 weeks and then finally decided to tell our family on Christmas. We wanted to wait a little bit longer, but Christmas just seemed like too good of a time to pass up. 

So first we bought 4 Chick Fil A calendars. (both our parents are divorced-so one for each set of parents) If you know my husband, his sister, and his mom you know that they are a Chick Fil A loving family. It's always a challenge to get as much free food from there as possible. These calendars have coupons in them so that makes them like gold. On the July page, we put a little ultrasound picture and on the due date wrote, "Baby Hancock due" in big marker letters. 

When each parent or set of parents opened the calendar, we told them to look through it at all the coupons. Some of them we had to help a little bit with things like, "oh look at the July coupon--it's a really good one!" Some of them took a little while to get it but when they did they were surprised and excited. 

We went to a doctor's appointment at 7 weeks and heard the heart beat and everything, but I felt really nervous about telling our family before our next doctor's appointment. Our appt was scheduled only a few days after Christmas. I even tried to change it to right before, but no luck. 

When we went in though, everything was just fine and our little peanut had grown from a very small blob to this! 

It was still there!! I was so relieved. And it looked like it had a head and an arm! At least it has those! (I really shouldn't joke about stuff like that..)

Our next appointment is on the 25th. I love going in because it makes me feel so much better and helps me not worry so much. 

Pregnancy Thus Far
I read blogs of pregnant women and they always have so many interesting things to say about how they are feeling and their crazy cravings and other things like that. Well I really don't have that many cool things to say about it...

I feel mostly normal. I listed a few things on my last post but here are the major things I've noticed:

-I do have to get up in the middle of the night to empty my bladder each night, and I'm constantly running to the bathroom during work. Especially since I try to drink more water. I think I'm getting used to it though. 

-I get these little pains (especially lately) that my doctor describes as my ligaments stretching because things are growing so quickly in there. I had them around 6 weeks a little bit, and they have seemed to come back in the last few days, but a little bit more painful. 

-I'm tired. Poor Mike-he has a boring wife.

-A weird one is that I used to always be able to sleep in and since I have been pregnant, I can't go back to sleep once I wake up. I don't like it. I would always sleep in until 10 or later on Sundays and that just doesn't work anymore. 

-I'm really hungry all the time. This can really be bad. I try to be really careful about what I'm eating and how much because I don't want to get too big too fast, but I have to have snacks ALL the time. 

-Between weeks 6-10 or so sweets sounded soooo disgusting to me. Which is really weird because I am all about the sugar usually. So that was really nice. Unfortunately, that went away around Christmas time and I was back to my normal sugar habits. Around the same time, I wanted pizza every night for dinner. Either that or Broccoli and Beef from Panda Express. Everything else seemed pretty disgusting. So I ate everything I wanted for about 5 days and then felt awful (literally and because I felt guilty for feeding the baby crap.. I know I'm weird) So after that, I've tried to eat pretty healthy. Most healthy foods sound really good to me anyways, and those weird pizza cravings have subsided. (Thank goodness I would have given this child clogged arteries from the get go) Here is my favorite breakfast:

If you have never had avocado toast, please try it asap! It's sooo good! Just a little butter on the bread and some salt on the top of the avocados... it's so delicious.

And this is my well stocked work drawer. The fridge at work is also stocked with tons of fruit. For some reason that is what I live off of these days. It just always sounds so good!

And that is it! Tomorrow is Friday! Woo hoo!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's official...

...we're expecting a little one!

I thought before people start finding out by default, I would make a little announcement here on the blog about our new addition.

With that being said, I sincerely and deeply apologize to all of those people that I may have skipped around the subject of babies with, or even those that I may have told little lies to about being pregnant. We were trying to keep it quiet until we told our families. So please don't be upset with me!! :)

Answers to some common questions:
-We are due in the middle of July. July 18th to be exact. So I'm about 13 weeks.
-No, surprisingly I haven't been sick at all. I've felt a few weird things--like cravings (which I always thought were totally made up), and a hard time getting energy back into my body in the morning, and just being hungry and tired all the time. Oh and I did throw up one time! It was almost more of an accomplishment than being sick. It seemed to prove to myself that I really had something in there. Other than those minor things though, I've been feeling really good. I feel really lucky!
-We don't know what it is yet. My doctor said she would be able to tell us next appointment if we have a cooperative baby, so I will let you all know in 2 and a half weeks if we find out. :) We don't really care if it's a boy or girl, although a girl nursery may be a little bit more fun to decorate. But everyone needs a big brother so either way will be great.

So that's that. We are super excited and feel really blessed to be trusted with this responsibility. We definitely have a lot to learn though so this should be an adventure!

***I just wanted to add a little thank you to this post to all the sweet comments below. I have the best family and friends, and I'm so grateful for you all! Thanks for being so great! :)