Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Babies are so busy. 
But so fun. 
That's my excuse for not blogging for a million years. 

Emory Dawn Hancock was born February 12, 2014. She looked kind of like a gorilla when she was born. I'm sorry but she did. Of course I thought she was a cute gorilla. But I was hoping her purplish tint wouldn't be permanent. And it wasn't, the doc said it was just a pigment thing. Which makes sense because now she's just a nice light brown. 

She is so sweet. Hudson was sweet, but this girl is like pure honey. Yeah she cries sometimes, but she mostly wants to hold my hand and talk to me all day. I love it. 

And Hudson has been amazing. I was super worried when I found out I was pregnant again about how he would be with a little one or if he'd be sad or jealous that I can't give him all my attention. He actually might like Emory more than I do. Okay no he doesn't but he reaaaalllly likes her. He always says "it's okay emmy!!!" when she's crying and laughs when she smiles. He asks where she is as soon as I get him out of his crib in the morning and tells her "want hug" (then proceeds to hug her) and "want kiss" and kisses her. So fun to watch. Here's a few pics of him...

Babies are fun, but toddlers are even more fun. I am LOVING Hudson's age right now. He's so funny-I swear everything that comes out of his mouth makes me laugh. And isn't it crazy how they are mute (besides crying) and then all the sudden they can say all these words!? I swear it happens over night. 

Aren't kids the best????

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is blogging still a thing?

Is it just me or does no one really blog anymore? ...including myself... I'm not sure. I haven't had much motivation to keep this thing updated, but for the heck of it--here is the latest.

Also do you go private once you have kids? I feel like that's the way to do it, although being private stresses me out. I don't understand how to even access private blogs half the time.

Aaaaannyyways, we at the Hancock household have been so good. Little Hudson is like ten years old now. Actually he's 14 months, but it seems like he grows up soooo much every day.
Here are some interesting facts about this child:
-He hates to be alone. He will be completely ignoring me while he plays but the second I walk out of the room, he falls apart. He's always been that way.
-He is still a pretty good eater, but he's getting pickier and would prefer baby food any day to cut up fruits and veggies.
-He talks all day. He's always been pretty vocal, but it's fun to hear him say words. He says: mom, dad, ball, cool, car, uh-oh, oh-no, woah, no, what's that? (wasssaaat??) and a couple others that I can't think of right now. He also shakes his head yes and no. I'm still trying to decide if he understands the meaning of those though.
-He's super sensitive. I thought he was just a typical baby, but I'm starting to see that he's actually kind of a softy. If he sees another kid cry, he cries. If someone does something not very nice to him (like offer him something and take it away) he has a certain cry as if his feelings are hurt. Oh, and he hates when I hold other babies or talk to other kids. Hopefully this is just an age thing. I really hope.
-He loves balls and will go crazy if he sees one at the store or in someone's house.
-He's getting silly. It's my favorite when he is trying to be funny. He thinks it's hilarious to bang his head into the couch over and over. And he likes to play peek-a-boo by hiding behind things and poking his head up.
-He's sort of a little creature of habit. It doesn't seem that he likes when things are changed up or trying new things. He sort of likes to stick with the same old.
-He's still not walking... ha I think in his mind there's no reason to walk when he can crawl where he needs to go.
-Everything is a phone and is held up to his ear. Remotes, diapers, shoes, all of the above.

And that is a good list for now.

In other news, we recently spilled the beans that we're expecting another little one. And it's a SHE. She's due in February. Since we just told people, I can think of all the typical questions we've been getting. So I'll just answer those.
She's due in February. The 19th to be exact.
I'm just about 18 weeks now.
I haven't been super sick, just tired and a little queasy but it's manageable.
We waited to tell people mostly for fun and just so we knew the gender before everyone found out.
We found out it was a girl around 15 weeks and then our dr checked again at 17 weeks.
They will be almost 19 months apart. Hopefully a little less since the end of pregnancy last time was a nightmare.
No, it wasn't really planned that we'd have two so close. But it wasn't well prevented either-so I can't really say it was an accident.
Yes, I'm excited to have a girl, but holy cow there's too much girl stuff I feel overwhelmed.

I think that's about it. We are excited! Since Hudson was born, I had this feeling that we'd have another one kind of soon and then had a couple experiences that made my feelings grow stronger that would happen. I had a couple of experiences that made me think it was a girl, or imagine a girl, but my brain runs pretty wild so I can't say I knew it was a girl or anything like that. I'm a worrier so I'm still scared to death of all those things that can go wrong, but since my stomach is growing bigger and I'm starting to feel movement, it's getting better. Babies are just such miracles! It's amazing that they grow so perfectly. I'm a little nervous about them being so close in age, especially since my sweet little Hudson is a little needy most of the time, but we'll make it through and I'm hoping they will just be best little buddies when they get bigger. So fun!

Well that's a pretty good update for now!

At the BYU-Texas game. He just yelled "go, go, go" all game. He didn't even cry or get upset once, he just loved it. 

Crazy hair. 

Birthday party! Almost got rained out of painting but it cleared up and they were able to do it.

We took Hud to the baby contest at the Davis County Fair. We had to be talked into doing it, but he got 2nd in his age group and then 2nd in the baby derby so it was pretty fun. He won us some Target giftcards! 

Lagoon with the cousins. I love these two together. 

Just chillin in the high chair. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

a half a year old

So my little baby boy is 6 months old. Someone make the time stop!!! If only pregnancy went this quickly....

6 month stats:
Height: 28.5 in (95%)
Weight: 19 lbs (75%)
Head: I never pay attention to what the actual measurement, all I know is that it was waaay above the 95% line on the graph. This kid's head is huge.

I've talked before about how he's been kind of a harder baby, just a little high strung and such. Well I'm so happy to say that he's gotten sooooo much easier. He's so much more predictable, which probably just comes with being a new mom and also getting to know him. But also he's starting to be able to keep himself entertained, where as a newborn he relied solely on my for his entertainment. Here's some new things about him.

-He loooooves drinks. He goes crazy over water bottles and if I get a drink he can't keep his eyes off of it. He also can't keep his hands off of it. He'll try so hard to grab it.

-He's rolling like a wild man. That really just started in the last couple days but he's figured out that he can roll around to get places or things and he loves to roll onto his tummy when I'm trying to change his diaper.

-He can sit up with help, but he hasn't quite managed to sit up without falling over eventually. This could be attributed to his extremely large head.

-He stands like a champ. I can set him up against the couch and he'll stand there for 10 minutes or longer. He loves it too. He also loves to walk around on his feet with us helping him.

-His naps are coming along. Thank heavens! He will usually go down in the morning a couple hours after he wakes up and then goes down again around 4. He's been napping up to an hour and a half, but usually goes between 30-45 minutes.

-He still has a little stranger anxiety, but we're learning how to cope with that. If the "new person" (anyone besides me and Mike) just hangs around for a little while without trying to take him from me or dad, he'll warm up to them after about 30 minutes or so. Also, I have to be quiet and a little bit unseen while the "new person" takes him. If he sees me, he'll give me the lip and want me to take him back. He's also really quiet and serious around new people, which is so funny because at home he just blabbers all day long and is soooo smiley.

-He holds his arms out to be picked up. I am obsessed with this new trick.

-He says "dadadadadada" AAALLLLL the time. He mostly only says mamama when he's crying haha. I don't know if he associates the sounds to us yet, but I'm pretty sure he'll say dad first. He wakes up in the morning saying dad, dadada, daddddd.

-The whole sleeping thing still hasn't been mastered yet. He takes naps in his crib easily, but he still wakes up a ton at night and won't get back to sleep unless I go in and feed him and get him back in his crib. For about two weeks, I just got up with him everytime and got him back to sleep and back in his crib. Then I got so exhausted, I started bringing him in my bed again. Kinda bad, but I don't really care that much. haha He always starts out in his crib and then just kinda ends up in our bed. Whatever on that one.

-He loooooves food. Holy moly, he goes crazy when we give him food. He's tried apples, peaches, peas, and sweet potatoes so far and he liked them all. He seems to like them more and more the more we give him. He's getting smart and opens his mouth when he sees there's food on the spoon now which is kind of funny. It's fun letting him be part of dinner now.

-He still loves to nurse too, but he's really quick now. I used to be so shocked when people said their babies only ate for 5-10 minutes, because he ate for like 45 minutes for a long time, but he's down to just a few minutes and he's good. Plus I think I've gotten better at being able to tell when he's full. I used to always offer more, but now I know that he'll always take more. haha So I just watch for him to show signs that his tummy is full. I've really loved being able to nurse, and we'll keep going for awhile, so I'm just so grateful that it's worked out just fine.

That's what's going on with Hudson. He's been so much fun lately. I miss his tiny newborn stages, but he gets more fun everyday so I don't mind him growing up. Plus it's not like I have any control over that. As for me and Mike, I'm a mom all day everyday and can be found usually at Target if I'm not at home and Mike is buuuuuuussssyyyy. He works a ton and goes to school and I'm pretty sure he's involved in every extra-curricular activity there is. He is just so good at the things he does and really gives it 110%. I'm so proud of him. Plus he's really nice to work so hard so that I can stay home with the little. He only has another year to finish his Masters and then school will be done once and for all so that's exciting. Hopefully he doesn't want to get a PHD.... ha. We are just looking forward to the summer when he is forced to take off school and we can hang out at the pool all day! We're especially ready for this awful weather to go away! Yuck!

Here are some pics!

We went to the Jazz game. Hudsie loved it but did get a little startled sometimes when the crowd got really loud.

I love that smile just chillin on the lovesac.

Mike thinks he can only learn to crawl if he has his knee pads on.

Just standing looking at the TV.

He got this car from the grandparents for Christmas and looooves it. 

He loves taking pictures on my phone.

At his 6 month checkup. Little gorilla arms.

He's constantly attacking my face. It makes me laugh so hard. 

His look of discouragement as he tries sooo hard to scoot.

His new Nikes. We had to have him model them with his chunky thighs of course. 

Monday, December 31, 2012

What a merry Christmas!

As our instagram followers know, we went to Disneyland for Christmas this year. 
It was so much fun! 
Instead of writing a bunch of boring stuff about it, I'll just post some pics we took and narrate a little. 

First we went to Vegas. It would be real mean to expect Hudsie to ride in the car for 12 hours at once, so we split it up a bit. On the way down, we stayed at the MGM. It was really nice and Hudson was sooo happy that we got to our destination after the 7 hr. drive. He did pretty good though, only crying a little. 

The next day, we drove to California. About 20 minutes before we got to our hotel, the car broke. It just stopped accelerating on the freeway. That's really scary. But we were really lucky to be right at an exit when it happened so we just kinda coasted off. The next 5 hours consisted of waiting for my parents and then a tow truck when it we had tried everything else. Finally Ronny, the tow truck driver, showed up and saved the day. 

The next day, we went to Disneyland. We spent 3 days there total and one day at Knott's Berry farm. We also spent one day shopping. One of my favorite things about going on trips with Mike is that he always lets me get my shop on. If you know my husband well at all, you know that he grew up with a Mom and a sister who loved to shop. This guy has the tolerance of an angel.  I really love that they trained him so well. He knows all the best places to go and he can just hang out or entertain himself while I enjoy it. He's the best.

I love baby feet. And especially baby socks. These were supposed to be in Hud's stocking but I took em out early. 

While we went on the first ride of the day, Papa outfitted Hudson with these. They even have his name embroidered on the back. So cute. 

One of my favorite things about our trip was that my little brother, Todd, was our roomie and hung out with us the whole time. Hudson looooves Todd. (even though this pic doesn't really show it) Todd really likes Hudson too. They make a lot of the same expressions and Todd is really hoping that Hudson's hair turns red like his haha. He really missed his gf on the trip though. Isn't that just soooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddd? Psh I told him to get over it. High schoolers..... 
(disclaimer: I really like his gf...he was just being a little love sick puppy dog about it. But I suppose I may have been the same way at 17. Heck I might be the same way now... Mike can't go on a over-nighter without a breakdown from me)

Hudsie spent a whole lot of quality time in his stroller. But he loves to be out doing stuff so he didn't mind most of the time. 

This is Mike's extremely large cookie. I think it was bigger than Hudson's head. We ate a lot of junk like this. Good thing it's time for New Years resolutions eh? 

Don't be alarmed about this picture. A couple people who saw it were really concerned about Huds being decapitated or something. His head is still nicely intact. This is what happens when he gets bored shopping. You see, he likes to be able to see everything, so sometimes we'll let him sit in his car-seat in the stroller backwards so he can get a better view. Recently he's really grown fond of arching his back and kicking his legs out to escape from where ever it is he's sitting. Well Mike looked away for one minute and looked back and this is what he saw. I laughed my head off when he told me and showed me this pic.

This is our happy family. Addie is the little girl in my arms. She's my little bud. She's actually my little sister. So Hudson's aunt. We have complicated families. 

Christmas Eve night. We went Disney crazy and Huds even had Mickey PJs. Aren't we just cheesy and cute? 

This is when me and Huds got bored in the hotel room. It's my creeperish smile and his super cute face. 

Hudsie's hair doesn't stay quite in tact sometimes. This is a mild version.  

Our Christmas lamp with all the presents under it. 

He likes to drink water from a bottle now. It's really cute. 

Addison loved the characters.  

I wish I lived in this castle. 

Hudson got really tired sometimes. He doesn't sleep much during the day, but he took some pretty awesome naps on our trip. 

John and Katy showed up to party with us. Mike spotted em first, and I tried to get a pic but was shut down by their body guard who sure didn't look like a body guard. Luckily Mike had my back and while I was being told no, he snapped this one. I think they really like each other, but it's bound to end because John Mayer is a womanizer and the whole world knows it. 

Addie really likes to pose. This is her doing some awkward poses for me in the hall. You should have seen her with the car in Cars Land. She was getting so into it. I think she's seen some shows with girls posing on cars....... She was laying on it, putting her chin between her funny. Had to be there probably.

We went to dinner at Medieval times one of the days.  

 This one just warms my heart. Todd is such a cute big brother/uncle.  

Well, since I can't get the SD card on my camera to read on the computer, that's a wrap! We had lots of fun!