Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're a few weeks over halfway! And it's sunny today! What a fabulous day. 

We've been doing little things here and there to get more ready for the munchkin. A few weekends ago Mike (and me a little) painted some stripes on one of the walls for our little guy's room. We haven't quite gotten anything else figured out as far as his room goes, but it is filling up quickly thanks to hand-me-down things we've been getting from our really nice family. We also bought a stroller and a car seat so we made our first big purchase. I'm taking a rest from purchases now, because I can make up my mind what I like or how I want to do his room. We'll see how it goes. 

These are our stripes. Mike did a great job. I just helped a teensy bit, but he's such a trooper. I love him for always being excited to hear my ideas and put them into action. 

Yesterday was our big appointment where they looked at all the body parts and we got to see the little guy in 3D. It was so cool. I wanted to hang out in there forever and just watch him move around. I was so relieved to hear that everything looks good and he's right on track with all his development. She said that he's right around 22-23 weeks in his development and weighs about 1 lb and 1 oz, so we are right on track if not a little bit ahead of schedule. I was also happy to know he has all his fingers and toes! What a miracle it is that these little ones can just grow like that! What a blessing, really.

He already has a little bit of an attitude I think. It made us laugh though. Every time the doctor would try to get a good shot of his face, we would put both hands over his face so we couldn't see. He kept snuggling right to the bottom of the uterus, (sorry uterus is kind of a gross word) so she had me laying upside down to try and get him to move out of there, but he just didn't like the idea. So she started trying to push his little head up a little and both hands would fly up to his face and he'd cover it. Then we'd go to another body part, and every time we'd go back, his little hands would go right back to his face. This was the best shot we got of his little face. You can see his little thumb up by his right eye, he had just moved his hand out of the way for one second. Maybe this is only a face a mama could love, but he just looks so sweet to me. His little nose is just so cute. We also got some pictures of his tiny feet too. He has my weird long second toe. Poor guy. Seeing him moving around and looking like a real little human definitely got us excited for July. 

Other than that everything is going really well. I've felt really blessed recently and I'm so grateful for prayer and answers to those prayers. :)

That's all for today. Hope everyone enjoys the sun!!