Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is blogging still a thing?

Is it just me or does no one really blog anymore? ...including myself... I'm not sure. I haven't had much motivation to keep this thing updated, but for the heck of it--here is the latest.

Also do you go private once you have kids? I feel like that's the way to do it, although being private stresses me out. I don't understand how to even access private blogs half the time.

Aaaaannyyways, we at the Hancock household have been so good. Little Hudson is like ten years old now. Actually he's 14 months, but it seems like he grows up soooo much every day.
Here are some interesting facts about this child:
-He hates to be alone. He will be completely ignoring me while he plays but the second I walk out of the room, he falls apart. He's always been that way.
-He is still a pretty good eater, but he's getting pickier and would prefer baby food any day to cut up fruits and veggies.
-He talks all day. He's always been pretty vocal, but it's fun to hear him say words. He says: mom, dad, ball, cool, car, uh-oh, oh-no, woah, no, what's that? (wasssaaat??) and a couple others that I can't think of right now. He also shakes his head yes and no. I'm still trying to decide if he understands the meaning of those though.
-He's super sensitive. I thought he was just a typical baby, but I'm starting to see that he's actually kind of a softy. If he sees another kid cry, he cries. If someone does something not very nice to him (like offer him something and take it away) he has a certain cry as if his feelings are hurt. Oh, and he hates when I hold other babies or talk to other kids. Hopefully this is just an age thing. I really hope.
-He loves balls and will go crazy if he sees one at the store or in someone's house.
-He's getting silly. It's my favorite when he is trying to be funny. He thinks it's hilarious to bang his head into the couch over and over. And he likes to play peek-a-boo by hiding behind things and poking his head up.
-He's sort of a little creature of habit. It doesn't seem that he likes when things are changed up or trying new things. He sort of likes to stick with the same old.
-He's still not walking... ha I think in his mind there's no reason to walk when he can crawl where he needs to go.
-Everything is a phone and is held up to his ear. Remotes, diapers, shoes, all of the above.

And that is a good list for now.

In other news, we recently spilled the beans that we're expecting another little one. And it's a SHE. She's due in February. Since we just told people, I can think of all the typical questions we've been getting. So I'll just answer those.
She's due in February. The 19th to be exact.
I'm just about 18 weeks now.
I haven't been super sick, just tired and a little queasy but it's manageable.
We waited to tell people mostly for fun and just so we knew the gender before everyone found out.
We found out it was a girl around 15 weeks and then our dr checked again at 17 weeks.
They will be almost 19 months apart. Hopefully a little less since the end of pregnancy last time was a nightmare.
No, it wasn't really planned that we'd have two so close. But it wasn't well prevented either-so I can't really say it was an accident.
Yes, I'm excited to have a girl, but holy cow there's too much girl stuff I feel overwhelmed.

I think that's about it. We are excited! Since Hudson was born, I had this feeling that we'd have another one kind of soon and then had a couple experiences that made my feelings grow stronger that would happen. I had a couple of experiences that made me think it was a girl, or imagine a girl, but my brain runs pretty wild so I can't say I knew it was a girl or anything like that. I'm a worrier so I'm still scared to death of all those things that can go wrong, but since my stomach is growing bigger and I'm starting to feel movement, it's getting better. Babies are just such miracles! It's amazing that they grow so perfectly. I'm a little nervous about them being so close in age, especially since my sweet little Hudson is a little needy most of the time, but we'll make it through and I'm hoping they will just be best little buddies when they get bigger. So fun!

Well that's a pretty good update for now!

At the BYU-Texas game. He just yelled "go, go, go" all game. He didn't even cry or get upset once, he just loved it. 

Crazy hair. 

Birthday party! Almost got rained out of painting but it cleared up and they were able to do it.

We took Hud to the baby contest at the Davis County Fair. We had to be talked into doing it, but he got 2nd in his age group and then 2nd in the baby derby so it was pretty fun. He won us some Target giftcards! 

Lagoon with the cousins. I love these two together. 

Just chillin in the high chair.