Saturday, August 25, 2012


The many faces of Hudson...

bored, but happy

needs a break from eating, too tired to continue
(ps sorry about the almost exposure in this pic)

almost ready to resume eating

way too tired to even begin eating

"I know you are trying to get me to smile and I'm not really going to give in, but I'll give you this little smirk"

really mad at dad for trying to make him pose this way


thinking his parents are really weird always talking in weird baby talk to him

...and many more that I will try to capture!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One month?

We have a one month old????
It's really kind of sad how big he's getting and how fast.

As I write this, he's pretty much screaming at Mike. He's had his first pretty rough day. Stomach ache maybe? I'm really not sure. We've gone through the rest of the possibilities for his unhappiness and checked them off. The only thing that makes him calm down is feeding him so we've done that the majority of the day...although I can only let him nurse for so long and so often before I'd be nursing all day long. Mike's a sweetie though. I just heard the back door close and he's taking him on yet another walk through the neighborhood. Sometimes the sounds distract him and Mike's getting really good at getting him to sleep on these neighborhood walks.

On a good night, we change him and feed him and then rock him to sleep. If I get him into a deep enough sleep, he'll sleep for about 4 hours and then wake up to eat. Sometimes even close to 5. He's really extremely nice about going back to sleep after he eats in the middle of the night too. It makes my life really happy. Then I usually let him take Mike's spot in the morning when he leaves. He really likes it. It's my favorite thing to look over at his tiny body in a big bed. Super cute.

A few other things about him that have starting to show:

From day one in the hospital, he's been a noisy baby. But oh my gosh- this child is constantly making noise. Maybe that is normal of newborns? I really don't know, but he is ALWAYS making noise. He grunts like no body's business. Over and over and all different kinds of grunts. Low ones and high ones and louder and quiet. They get really out of control when he's just waking up. Me and Mike will just lay in bed and laugh in the morning as he's waking up and making the strangest sounds I've ever heard. He also makes sounds as he eats. Each gulp has a sound involved. It's pretty interesting to feed him in front of someone and have such a noise maker coming from under the blanket. My all time favorite though is his sleep noises. He makes a little sigh noise with each breath he takes when he's sleeping. If he's really deep asleep it goes away, but when he's cuddling or just getting to sleep he does it and it's the cutest. I can't set him down when he starts doing that. That was one of the first things I noticed about him in the hospital that I just loved so much. (I have recording of all his sounds but I can't figure out how to post them. If anyone knows how please share...)

This child can't keep his hands under control. Or his legs. But the hands are really out of control. Especially when I try to feed him. He has to have his hands right by his little mouth. Sometimes it gets extremely frustrating. Especially at 3am. But we're coping. I won't say he's getting better at moving them because he's really not, but I'm finding ways to get around them. He kicks his legs and moves his arms like a crazy man most of the time that he's awake though. Super active. He does it when he's laying by himself and it gets pretty crazy when he's hungry or upset. Sometimes I set him on my legs while I get the food ready for him and he kicks me in the stomach over and over. I'm going to assume he's not meaning to though. Otherwise I have a mean baby. 

Me and Mike always joke about the phrases that are used in our house over and over. and over. They are as follows:
"You're alright, buddy."
"Hudson, you're okay."
"Hi buddy."
"Good job bud!"
"Move your hand."
(all of these in extremely high pitched, annoying baby talk with every syllable drawn out)
The last one is really only used by me when I'm trying to feed him. It's just funny to catch how many times we say the exact same thing though over and over. 

He's starting to look at me more as I talk to him and goes cross eyed all the time. (Mike is genuinely concerned about that haha) I think he was really confused when I had him on the bathroom counter the other day and he could see me in the mirror. He just watched me in the mirror and wouldn't look at me at all. I know he's really young, but I keep trying to get him to hold toys and today he held onto his first toy for more than just half a second. And by this I mean that he's awake holding onto it and moving it around. Mike always puts weird things in his hands while he's sleeping. Like laffy taffy candies. Yeah I know, weird. But it's kind of funny that a newborn has food in his hands I guess? haha

He's getting a little more chunky. I mean being born at 9 lbs is pretty chunky already, but he's starting to fill out a bit. He has a funny little body. He has a total double chin most of the time with a big belly and then pretty skinny long arms and legs. It equates to all of his 0-3 month pajamas and onsies being too small because they aren't long enough, but then his regular 0-3 month clothes still drown him because he's too skinny for them. But I did find him some pants that fit the other day. That was a big success. 

(Above are the pants that I finally found that fit him!)

Everyone always asks about the pacifier if he's crying and here's the thing... He hates it. He doesn't really cry hard unless he's hungry anyways so we're lucky, but he does not like the binky one bit. I think he gets more upset when I try to give it to him. And he doesn't get the whole concept to keep sucking on it. He'll put it in his mouth for a minute and suck about 3-4 times and once he realizes there's nothing coming out he screams louder. If I try and hold it in his mouth he'll kind of slurp on it a little bit while whimpering. It's actually kind of heart breaking. It's like we're tricking him and he totally knows it. Maybe sometime in the future he'll start to like it more. Preferably when we are in public and it's needed.. We'll have to see. 
He's starting to get pretty good at holding his head up. When we had him in the hospital he would jerk his head a lot already, but he's getting better at controlling it. Mike has little exercise sessions every night with him where they have tummy time. It's kinda cute. It's like their boy time. haha

He's started to smile a little bit, but he's pretty stingy about giving those smiles out. I can only get him to do it every once in awhile and it's even more difficult to convince him to do it if I have the camera out. Here are a few almost smile pictures. 

Well, that's probably a good enough update for now. To tell the truth, I started this post over a week ago and just haven't been able to finish it for 100 years. 

Here are a couple more random pictures...