Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Hancock

When I used to think about being pregnant, having our first baby, etc. I never even thought about the gender of the baby or what I preferred or which would be better and blah blah blah.

But then I was pregnant.
And I started to try and plan. And that didn't work, because obviously I don't have any control over this decision what so ever. And it really bugged me. As most things that I can't control do.

But I think I learned a good lesson. I definitely learned that in all situations the will of Heavenly Father is a whole lot more important than our own. And most of the time we should (I should) stop worrying about things, and just let Him take care of them. (I think I've said this a hundred times before.. and I probably will keep learning it over and over.)

That kind of made it sound like I didn't get what I wanted.. which isn't really true either. I didn't really care whether it was a boy or a girl, but I got all crazy trying to plan for one or the other and asking myself, "what do I feel like it is?" and doing crazy stuff like believing what everyone told me when they thought they knew what it was. Then I pretty much convinced myself that it was a girl (thanks to pretty much every woman in my family predicting that it was a girl) and then psyched myself out when the doctor thought it was a boy.

Yeah I'm a little bit crazy. And hormonal.

But we finally did find out what the baby is! And we couldn't be happier. Especially knowing that this little spirit will be so perfect in our family.

We decided to have a little "gender reveal" party to tell our families what the gender was.
I really never take pictures at parties and large events because I am easily distracted, but I did snag a picture of the cake and the oreo balls that we made. haha
In addition to this, my mom made a graph of how many boys and girls are in our family and statistically what the odds are that it was one or the other. Then she had everyone wear a little pin of what their guess was. Statistically we were supposed to have a boy, but more people guessed a girl.

Here's the cake I made for it. The inside frosting showed what it is!

 (somehow I forgot to get a picture of my little nephew cutting it or the actual inside of the cake... oops)

These are just some treats I made for the party.

And since I forgot the picture of the inside of the cake, I'll just tell you all that baby Hancock is a....


We're really excited, and Mike is so cute about it. I hope he is a little mini Mike so bad. Looks and all. It would be so cute. 

And last but not least, here is a super weird 19 week belly shot in my gym clothes. Woo hoo. 
(if you are wondering where by arm is don't worry, it's just up in the air.. I really wasn't quite sure how to take this picture.)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I've been learning that I don't like hormones.
They make me feel a little bit crazy.

On Monday, I got to work. I was happy... and BAM an hour later, I was crying about everything imaginable. Things that weren't sad. Or that weren't that big of a deal. One of those being that I had a dream my mom died the night before and I kept thinking about it and crying... weird. (not that that's not sad.. it was just a dream)

The other little ordeal that has been plaguing me is sickness. I've always been pretty quick to get rid of colds or the flu or whatever. And I honestly don't get sick very often. But man, I've had the worst cold for over a week. Good news though! It's actually going away now! (fingers crossed) I spent my first night last night without waking up to the most painful swallowing in the world. It made me so happy!

But here are the bright spots...
1. I have the best husband ever. After my spontaneous crying spouts I came hope to this...

2. I'm feeling really good. I really haven't had much to complain about, now that my cold is subsiding.

3. I think I've been feeling movement! I say "think" because I could be totally off since I'm new at all this but I'm pretty sure... pretty really sure. It's been mostly in the morning time when I wake up I'll feel little flutters. But it's so nice to feel something in there! I really love it.

4. Our appointment is in 2 weeks! I thought I would for sure make Mike take me to a fetal fotos place because I wouldn't be able to handle waiting, but it's actually going by pretty fast! So I'm excited. Hopefully this time our little babe will decide not to be modest. And the next appointment means we are about halfway! So that's exciting too!

Well that's all for today. Things are good!