Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are you sick of projects yet!?!

If you are, probably don't read this blog....

If not though, we've got lots more!! I am trying to keep things a little more organized with these projects, because I have noticed that when I am looking at someone's blog and I want to see something they did, it's super annoying if the post is part of five million other things they had to say that day. I'm going to try to keep things separate and organized. We'll see how it goes. :)

The Twins

Remember these guys?

Well...we painted them yellow. 

(oh and ps someone asked me kind of disgustedly the other day if the pic above was at my house.....I assure you it wasn' was at the thrift store. Promise)

Do you feel like our house is going to look like a rainbow?

Because it might. But I'm trying to have a plan for each piece of furniture, so I'm hoping once we move in and get things where I am picturing I will prove you wrong.....hopefully.

We used an ugly gray primer, because the finish on these guys didn't make friends with the paint easily. But then we just used yellow spray paint and painted them up.

We didn't use much glaze, but we did use it in the detail there in the middle. I think it worked great in there. :)

Ps....I know, I know gray and yellow is what everyone is doing right now.
But I love it so much.
So I'm just going to jump on that bandwagon anyway...sorry.


So this year we did the Ragnar. I will keep this short because I feel like there had been Ragnar overload all over facebook and pretty much everywhere else. It's really not that cool since half of Utah was there.

Anyway, when I say "we" I mean mostly just my team. I woke up with the flu. 

Have you ever tried running with the flu?

If the answer is no, keep it that way.

I woke up at about 4am that day with a fever and feeling horrible. Determined to kick the sickness and run as planned, I still went. After registering, I puked on the side of the road. After that I felt great!! (you know that feeling right after you throw up...) haha So I thought I'd run my first leg. About two miles in I really wished I hadn't.

Above is proof that I ran the first leg. haha although after this, I puked again. Gross. So this was the last leg I ran.

I stayed with the group though and took part in the festivities. After the first day, I felt pretty good. I was grateful for that. But not stupid enough to try running again.

There is this new thing....that's super weird. And really actually dumb. Which makes it pretty funny. It's called "planking." Some have heard of it, and others haven't. Bt the point is to find random stops and lay face down and take a picture. These boys decided to make it the the main highlight of the race.

I have to admit, it's kinda funny.

We did the race with the Whetton Family + my mother in law, Dawna. It was a great time and I sure loved the peeps in our van. I am really happy I got to know them better! Hopefully we will do it again another year. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mucho Crapo

We are moving. 

Into a home. 

Woo hoo!!!
We had some other plans going away for Mike to go to grad school...

But sometimes the Lord leads your life in a different direction than you expected. And that is perfect. 

We are super excited for what the future holds. Even though we have no idea at all what that is going to be.  I think I've learned a lot in the past six months about not trying to plan everything myself and letting our Father in Heaven do the planning. He's a lot better at it than I am anyway. Sometimes I find my mind going crazy about how much we need to save in the next three months, or what bill I want paid off by XX date, or when we are going to have a little one, etc. 

And then I realize I am a mental case.

So I have been learning to slow down, enjoy life, and let things work out the way Heavenly Father wants them to.

That being said, we have accumulated a whole lot of CRAP in the last few months. By crap I mean ugly furniture that has great potential to be beautiful.

I don't have pictures of all of our crap, but I have been trying to keep things updated on the blog so that everyone knows how ugly furniture isn't just ugly furniture!! And how super easy it is to paint things up and get it looking beautiful. I promise--me and my husband are not talented at all. We like to have "projects" so we keep buying crap. But anyone can do this stuff for sure!! If you ever have questions, please ask!!  I really love doing projects so I am super willing to help with anything too. :)

Okay let's see what pics I've got on the camera that I can update....

I am super excited about this find. :) She came from a garage sale last saturday for $30. It's one of the things we've spent the most on with our projects, but I was in love with all the detail so we will see how things go...

I really don't know what I am going to do with her yet though... Any ideas??? I would love some suggestions, because I don't have a vision AT ALL for her.

 Pink Lady
Mike basically did this entire project. The staple gun and I never became friends so he did almost all of it. Good job to him huh? His mom is helping us with the cushion so that will be replaced shortly. :) I bought the chair for $10 and the fabric ended up costing about $50 so the chair total is maybe going to be about $70 with the pins. See??? Cheap! And that's one of our most expensive projects!!

Little Red 
Mike has been a champ on this project too. I got this at a thrift store for $5.99. We bought a few cans of paint, did some glazing, and covered it in polyurethane and that was that!! Probably took about 2 hours total...if that. Oh and we repainted the handles and put them back on, but I didn't get a picture of that. Oops. 

This little guy was also a pick up from the thrift store. $4.99 was the price. I don't really know why I liked it but for some reason I just thought he was so cute. I forgot to take a before picture but it was just an ugly brown color. The glare on the camera sort of takes away the color in the picture, but Ralphy is bright blue and super cute. I have no idea what we are going to do with it right now, but we'll find a place.

This was one of my favorite projects. Reason being: I had NO IDEA what to do with it and just made something up. I found this gal at a yard sale for $5. Yes only $5!!! I didn't plan on purchasing anything of this sort, but I fell in love so I had to have it. :)

So we got a little green paint....

Did some glaze....painted the drawers white....painted the handles...and....

I still have to replace the handle on the other drawer, but not bad eh? I have a vision for this one. :) We'll see how it goes.

And last but not least...

The Twins
I have been wanting to find two matching night stands to go in our room for my bedroom makeover, and I finally found them!! For a great price too! $4.99 a piece!! I am real excited for these two. :) I will keep you updated. 

Friday, June 10, 2011


Alright here it comes...the long cruise post. Although, we've been home for a few weeks now and the vacation excitement has worn off for the most part so it probably won't be that long after all. I'll do a little explaining and then overload the post with pictures. :)

Getting there:

Friday, we started our journey to California right after work. We drove to St. George and stayed the night with our dear friends, the Schillers. We love them so very much and were happy to see them. 
The next day we got back in the car and we drove straight to Long Beach. It was so great to feel warm weather. We forgot it existed!! We got to the hotel, unloaded our stuff and we got back in the car to go to Beverly Hills!! We went to H&M in the Beverly Center and then a few other stores, and had some dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe. Love that place. 

Sunday was Mother's Day and we got to spend it with the nearest ward we could find. We went to Sacrament meeting and heard some great talks about Mothers. I love the church so much because no matter where you go, it is always the same. Different buildings and different people, but I can always feel the Spirit within the walls of the church building and there is always a special energy about the members. I'm really glad we were able to attend church there. 

After Sacrament meeting, we went to the ship and boarded!! Wahoo!! The night consisted of eating a lot of food...way too much. It was like we'd never seen food before. We also went to a few game shows and spent a lot of time walking around the boat. 

Monday we were on the ship................that's really all I can remember. haha

Tuesday we were in Cabo! We rode a Mo-Ped around for a little while. That is until we crashed it.....into a curb. That was embarrassing. Stupid tourists. Although according to my husband, we just tipped the mo-ped a little bit and it never hit the ground or crashed. Even though he was bleeding from his knee and foot. haha I love him-he's such a boy. We also laid on the beach for awhile and got some sun and then we walked around and got some gelato. 
That night the ship sailed in a little circle...
And we were in Cabo again!!! haha I guess Mazatlan is too dangerous right now, so we stayed in Cabo for two days. According to the gal at the front desk, "we were lucky they weren't charging us for getting to go to Cabo twice" haha whatever. We really didn't mind though. 
The second day we actually swam with dolphins!!!!........well kind of. If you know us, we are kind of cheap. So instead of paying $200 to swim with dolphins we went up and watched the other people do it!! FOR FREE!!! We even got to go over and pet the dolphins and we were right by the pool so we could watch them all we wanted. haha suckas!! Little did those people know, they would basically be doing the same thing we were. Only difference was they were sitting on a ledge in the water. You see when they say you "swim with dolphins" what they really mean is that you sit on the ledge and watch the trainers tell the dolphins exactly what to do and then you get to do about a 5 foot lap with the dolphin while they take lots of pictures so it seems like you were doing it for hours on end in the pics. It was pretty sweet and the best part was it costed nothing!! Woo! 

I really can't remember the days on the ship because they all blend so there may have been a day in between Cabo and Puerto Vallerta.....but the next stop was Puerto Vallerta! 

Puerto Vallarta:

We didn't have any idea what we were going to do there. Not a single one. So we got off the boat and saw a tour for $25 and thought we'd give it a shot. Let me tell decision we ever made. Well, besides a few others like getting married etc. So we get in this van with Aurturo, our tour guide, a gay couple, two sweet old ladies from somewhere that spoke spanish, and another couple from Mexicali. haha it was an interesting mix but they all turned out to be really nice people, even though we never actually conversed with the sweet ladies. We would just smile back and forth and they'd hand us their camera for a pic every now and then. 

On the tour we got to go through all the different areas of the newer city, the older parts of town, the rain forest, even a tequila making tour. Our favorite. haha not really. After we said no to the tequila for about the tenth time, the girl asked us, "Are you mormon?" We proudly said yes and weren't asked again to break the Word of Wisdom. haha I loved that. We were gone about 5 and a half hours. It was pretty sweet. And best part--$25. YES!

Booty Shake:

The next few days were on the boat. We had a lot of fun going to the shows and soaking up the....clouds. Yeah cloudy. Every. Day. On. The. Stinking. Boat. Darn it! It was okay though, we still found plenty to do and we got plenty of sun when we were off of the boat. Mike tried out for Carnival Idol. Definitely pulled out the booty shake. The crowd went wild. My husband is so hot. haha too bad though he got beat out by a guy who really wanted it, and it was his third time trying out. We ate lots more and had our fun at every trivia event ever thought of. If anyone asks us to play any sort of trivia game in the next few years, I will probably say no. Don't take offense. 
Anyway, that was longer than I expected! Here are the more interesting parts, the pics: