Monday, October 24, 2011

Second Chances

Well remember last time we ran Ragnar and I threw up 5,856 times?

Well good news! Second time is a charm! No puke this time! We did the las Vegas Ragnar and it was super fun!

We went down on Thursday and we got to stay at this super pretty home in Boulder City, where a friend of a team-mate lived. They were so nice for letting us stay! This was the view from their back porch below.

We started running on Friday about 2:00pm and kept going...

...into the night. This is Mikey and my mother in law in the car that night. I think Mike and Dawna had just finished their legs at this point. Isn't my husband cute? haha

This is the next day on Mikey's last leg. He is soooo fast at running. He's amazing. He ran a total of 23 miles I believe, and mostly up-hill. He never even had one thing bad to say about it. He would probably have me explain in this picture that his ipod which was perched on his waste fell at this very moment and that is what he was grabbing. :) Not that you would have noticed before, but just to add the disclaimer.

Mike said this should be my slogan for the race. It pretty much was. When we ate dinner the night after the race, I definitely got my fill of diet coke.

I don't really know what this car is, but it was the son of our hosts. Mike thought it was cool enough to document it though so I thought I would add it. I think he looked up the price for this bad boy and it was about $114K-196K. (and this was his second car......and he's 23) Lucky boy! :)

This was my favorite. If you can't tell what is going on here, these are Mike's legs. And that is his mom and sister giving each of his feet a "treatment." He is a pampered little boy. haha I love it though.

And of course, here are our metals!! Since we did the Wasatch Back too, we got a "Saints and Sinners" metal.

It was a fun weekend! It went by waaaay too fast!

But luckily it's Halloween weekend!! Wahoo!

Ps Today I'm grateful for good health.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stuff we do lately

Well in celebration of Bosses Day, or Bosses week, or whatever it is....

Thank you to my bosses. They are great.
(of course they will never read this since they are definitely not the blogging type)

We told them thank you with a waffle breakfast this morning. That was fun. We love them and how fun they make work. Even though one of them, we will call him the trickster for security reasons, likes to cut my straw off of our maverick cups every time we get a drink.

It's really sad.

(not to mention hard to drink) But no worries, we put a stash in my purse this morning on our maverick visit so we will have plenty of straws when this happens again. Because I'm sure it will.

But that's the kind of environment that they make, and it makes work a lot more enjoyable. 

While I was taking a picture of my sad straw, my attention turned to the awful messy state of my desk, so I decided to document that too. My office actually needs a makeover so maybe I'll get around to that soon. ha maybe not though..we'll see. :) For now, I'm going to try and be a bit more organized. Because that is really a mess.

I love my workplace. 

I also love our home. It's been so fun to try and come up with new ideas for rooms and trying to make it look nice and be functional. Pinterest has been a big help because then I can copy everyone's good ideas. I like that. 

So here's our best attempt at a workspace/office area for the room right off the entry. It's not quite decorated or finished, but here's what we've got so far. Oh and I didn't take many angles on the pictures so I'll post some more when it's done.

So this is before, I put a little collage on the wall, but that got old fast, so we got rid of that. Poor mike, he spent a lot of time handing those frames. 

We bought a bunch of bookshelves and a desk space...
And Mike is a champion and assembled them all in a few hours.

This is sort of during the process.

I also wanted to change up the doors a little bit, so we did some stripes with frost. 

Here are the stripes once I was done. I still have to do the other door. haha I'm just trying out the one for now.

And here's the best picture I had of the finished product. As you can see, there isn't much on some of the shelves so we are still working on that. And we also have to figure out a way to hide the lamp cords.
So there it is. 

Oh and we still have to bring down the computer once we get the internet figured out. I'll get a picture of that when we get it all set up. :) It was kind of a fun project to do a whole room makeover. Or I guess make-since we hadn't done anything with it. 

Well, now we are off to run the Vegas Ragnar this weekend. Hopefully that will be fun! I will let you all know. :)

P.S. There's this cute girl whose blog I stumbled across once that always writes a "PS I'm grateful for...." after her blog posts and I totally am going to copy her because I think it's such a good idea. And sometimes I can definitely count my blessings a little more and be a little more grateful. SO...

Today I am grateful for a great place to work. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So a long time ago, I told Mike to take a Saturday off.
And I was questioned and interrogated for two months.
And I never even cracked.

I planned a weekend in Park City with the hubs and gave him envelopes through the day with the different activities, one leading up to the next. He loved it. haha A lot more than I even thought he would. I thought he would think I was silly, but he was so giddy every time I gave him a new envelope. It was great.

Envelope #1 was ready for him when he got up to go run the Layton Marathon. It was accompanied by a gatorade and fruit snacks (that's what he eats in preparation for a marathon--I know..he's weird). It just explained the whole envelope idea and what we would do that day.

 Here is him and Andrew after the marathon. They both did so good! This one was a milestone too! It's Mike's TENTH marathon!!! His goal is 50 in his life....I think if he keeps going at this rate he'll accomplish that in like 10 years. 

Envelope #2 was kind of a boring one. It just told him that we were going to end up in park city and let him choose what he wanted to do for a few hours. He picked to go to Maverick to get a smoothie and then go to the the outlet malls so we did that. We also went to world market for the first time. Heaven is what I call that place. 

Envelope #3 revealed our dinner plans. We went to a little place on Main Street and it was delish. 

 It was called 501 Bistro on Main.

 Envelope #4 was tickets to Thriller at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City.

 Street view of the theater.

 Isn't she a beauty?

Us waiting for the show to start!

Envelope #5 was a sweet one. It was the reservations for a night in Deer Valley at this place. (below)

Here it is!! I would write the name but it's french and I definitely can't spell it. 

We had so much fun!!! Mike kept saying "Thank you for the fun weekend" probably 345 times. He was so sweet. I loved how excited he was. 

And on a random last note: Garage sales on Saturday were AMAZING!!! All the items below were purchased!! And the best part--I only stopped at 3! Woo hoo! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Everyone should know about this!

Okay so I don't usually advertise silly little things like this.

But this is sweet.

And keep this a secret. Because I have some very great things up my sleeve for that husband of mine thanks to this site.

It's called Jetsetter.

And it's awesome.

It has hotels all over the place and fairly good deals on lil vacations--BUT that's not the sweet part.

The sweet part is that you can earn credits all over the place. You get a $25 credit for signing up and then anyone you invite gets a $25 credit for signing up as well as if they book something, you get another $25 credit for their booking. (and if you are a semi-cheater like me you open several accounts with different emails and refer your "friends" and earn more credits!!! That's not cheating--that's strategizing...right?)

AND--they even sent me an email with a $75 credit just for being a member for their birthday or something. So $75+$25 is $100 credit towards a stay somewhere!!! And that basically makes one night free.

So you should sign up.

And if you want to use my link just in case you decide to book anything and want me to get a little credit, I won't be mad. Click below.


Happy vacationing!!! I hope this makes you all as happy as it has made me.

PS very random side note/question: Should I be brave and dye my hair dark?? I'm highly considering it but every time I think about it I get very afraid. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well everyone,

Mike and I are the proud parents of 4.

We are having quadruplets.

Baha yeah right.

But I wasn't lying about being the "parents" of 4. This week we have been hanging out with 4 kids as we house-sit. They are pretty cool. We've been trying our skills out at parenting. No far we probably haven't been all that successful. haha but we've had a lot of fun.

This is Miss Ginger and I with our apple masks. Ginger found a recipe for an "exfoliating mask" that we just had to try out. It wasn't the best facial I have ever experienced, but my face sure smelled like apple pie.

Last night, we took the kids to Bookdocks for FHE. 

We played lots of the arcade games and played laser tag twice. We also rode go-karts for about 2 and a half minutes but we sorta got rained out on that one. 

And last but not least here is our family portrait. So cute right? (Don't mind Dan on the far left pretending like he's crying. He's really least I don't think he is..)

And here's to their real parents who raised good kids so that it's easy to be their fake parents. Job well done.