Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Babies are so busy. 
But so fun. 
That's my excuse for not blogging for a million years. 

Emory Dawn Hancock was born February 12, 2014. She looked kind of like a gorilla when she was born. I'm sorry but she did. Of course I thought she was a cute gorilla. But I was hoping her purplish tint wouldn't be permanent. And it wasn't, the doc said it was just a pigment thing. Which makes sense because now she's just a nice light brown. 

She is so sweet. Hudson was sweet, but this girl is like pure honey. Yeah she cries sometimes, but she mostly wants to hold my hand and talk to me all day. I love it. 

And Hudson has been amazing. I was super worried when I found out I was pregnant again about how he would be with a little one or if he'd be sad or jealous that I can't give him all my attention. He actually might like Emory more than I do. Okay no he doesn't but he reaaaalllly likes her. He always says "it's okay emmy!!!" when she's crying and laughs when she smiles. He asks where she is as soon as I get him out of his crib in the morning and tells her "want hug" (then proceeds to hug her) and "want kiss" and kisses her. So fun to watch. Here's a few pics of him...

Babies are fun, but toddlers are even more fun. I am LOVING Hudson's age right now. He's so funny-I swear everything that comes out of his mouth makes me laugh. And isn't it crazy how they are mute (besides crying) and then all the sudden they can say all these words!? I swear it happens over night. 

Aren't kids the best????