Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Year!

Well, as you can see, last time I committed to keeping this thing up to date failed. SO...instead of rambling on about how I am so terrible at it, I am making a commitment to be better. So here we go, year 2011 will be a great one for taking pictures and recording all the things we do. It seems that things mean so much more when you pay attention and reflect on all the things you do. On December 11, (I know that was over a month ago, but bear with me) Mike and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.....................or we tried to.

Michael, being his romantic self, started the day out taking me to meet my dear friend Makenna. (Now known as Makenna HALL--she just got married) We went to SLC to get our toes and nails done with Sarah and Joann Hall. This was a fun time, and was even funner when a big bouquet of flowers was delivered to me as I the girl was painting my nails. Michael is very romantic you see. We then went out to lunch at the cheesecake factory a
nd made a stop at the Southtowne mall. The next day we had a farewell to attend in St. George so we headed down there. Here comes the best part...

So Mike had thought all of this through before hand and decided to surprise me by taking me to a bed and breakfast. Well, to say the least it was DEFINITELY a surprise.

Now don't get me wrong, it was a cute gesture. I try hard to not be a high-maintainence girl and I think I am pretty easy going, but look at these pictures and I'm sure your reaction isn't that of "Oh what a cute little place.." or "Wow, what a great place to spend your anniversary..." Blame it on the weird female hormone thing, but I cried. I cried the minute the lady left us and I cried when she called us to make sure we didn't have any food allergies for Breakfast the next morning. If this had been today, I probably would have laughed, but that day I definitely cried.

We ended up staying over at Jen's in-laws late in the night (about 2am) and we left our room the next morning at about 9am to go back to her in-laws to shower. (Due to there not being a shower in our room, only a small bath-tub) No matter what though, the day was great and I found myself so happy to have had this wonderful boy at my side for a year now.

Lessons learned in year one of marriage:
1. Despite what the world tells you, there is no matter big enough to cause a fight.
2. A budget is a necessary evil.
3. Sometimes the best times are when you have nothing to do but take a nap on the living room floor.
4. Always aspire to be worthy of the person you marry. Sometimes it seems like he's just too good, but I always try to act in a way that I can show Heavenly Father I deserve the blessing he is.
5. The best way to wake up is to kissing.
6. I heard my institute teacher a few weeks ago, talking about the Atonement and the significance of Christ's words, "Thy will be done" when he was suffering so much. My institute teacher then said quietly, "Think about that in your marriages and your relationships." He then went on to talk about something else, but I kept coming back to that. I love the blessings and the sweetness of our marriage when we both sacrifice to the will of each other. It's such a divine principle, and I think it gives our marriage such strength.
7. Never leave the house a mess with Mike home alone. He will clean the entire thing and I will feel like a jerk.
8. "Supportive wife" is often a misunderstood term. I've learned that being supportive isn't as much rolling your eyes and letting him go to all his meetings or secretly not wanting to move away for grad school but smiling when the topic arises, but planning life around the things that are important to him. I never knew the blessings and peace that come when I serve him so that he can serve the young men in our ward, or how his happiness in succeeding is the fuel to my happiness.
9. Service isn't a task, or means to obtain blessings, it's the way you live your life.
10. I'm bad at being perfect at marriage or anything else, but I'm glad Heavenly Father isn't. He is what makes our lives work in unison.


Jordan said...

You are adorable!! What a sweet post! I am going to take a lot of what you said and try to apply it my marriage! You need to keep up on your blog because it sounds like you have a lot of good advice that the world needs to hear! :) Or at least I need to hear!!! Thanks for the uplifting post! :)

Mike and Kristin said...

Hi Jordan!!! Thanks so much. You are way too nice! It was fun running into you two at Staples the other day! Glad you see you guys are doing well! Hope to see you guys again soon!