Saturday, August 25, 2012


The many faces of Hudson...

bored, but happy

needs a break from eating, too tired to continue
(ps sorry about the almost exposure in this pic)

almost ready to resume eating

way too tired to even begin eating

"I know you are trying to get me to smile and I'm not really going to give in, but I'll give you this little smirk"

really mad at dad for trying to make him pose this way


thinking his parents are really weird always talking in weird baby talk to him

...and many more that I will try to capture!

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The Storeys said...

I can finally read your posts! Hudson is so cute and it was really nice to see you guys last night. It sounds like you and Mike have a really good baby. Youre lucky :) I just read your birth story and it sounds horrible hahaha I can honestly say that the worst part of labor was the recovery after wards. The stitches suck and its just way uncomfortable.