Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dear Hudson

Please stop growing!
your mama

My little man is over two months now! It's so fun to see him grow and change but it sure is hard to let the newborn stages go.

Hudson has been such a joy to us. We really super like him. Here's a little update on his life as of now:

-feeding time can be a little chaotic lately. You see huds likes to play this new game called yank your head back and forth and swing your arms up to moms face and grab! It's really fun. For him. Its actually pretty funny so i just laugh most of the time and try and hold his head still while securing his arm away from my face. But holy moly sometimes it hurts.
-also when feeding he always lets me know when he's not done when I try and burp him by squealing an panting until I put him back.
- we've still got a grunter on our hands. He's starting to make a lot of other sounds too though which is fun. He loooooves to coo. If I sit and talk to him he will pretty much go back and forth with me. I really love that.
- he smiles more everyday! I love that toothless grin more than words can say.
- Hudson doesn't particularly enjoy naps. And by that I mean he won't usually take them. That is unless someone is willing to hold him then he is game. And usually at some point in the day he'll take a couple little snoozers. I'm hoping when he gets a little older we can figure that one out. For now we kind of Just roll with it.
- baby boy sleeps about the same every night without too much variation. We're on a 10-4 and 4:30-8 type schedule. And if I put him to bed early it just shifts forward according to the time I put him down. I can't complain too much about that.
- speaking of bed time.... Huds won't sleep anywhere but his bouncer. Problem? Maybe. But I'm a sucker for sleep so we allow it. Dr thinks he might have a little reflux and is uncomfortable laying flat.
- he doesn't really like to just ''hang out.'' If I sit him on the couch next to me he'll last maybe 30 seconds and then get fussy until I walk around with him or take him outside. This is the same case with laying him on the bed or in his bouncer when he's awake or even in the swing. BUT he does like the lay down gym thingy. That usually buys me 10-15 minutes before he gets sick of it. He loves that thing. This makes me kind of scared of how busy and active he might be when he gets bigger. But hey it keeps me from sitting around all day that's for sure!

Being a mom is such a fun experience and makes life so much more meaningful! I love my little sweetie!

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Heidi said...

So adorable! I love babies.
Love all the pictures too. :)