Friday, May 20, 2011

Catch up

Two days in a row? Oh yes. I have a lot of catching up to do!! Here is a few pics that make me smile. I'm still not ready to choose through the thousands of cruise pics but I will start getting those on here soon. Pinky Promise.

This was quite a while ago, but I found these pics on my camera and had to laugh. This is our sweet little nephew Tay. We were babysitting him and let him have an ice cream cone. (sorry Jen!!! Probably sugar loaded when we gave him back) But He just kept putting the whole thing on his face. haha He's such a little cutie.

This is right before we got on the ship! haha It was Mother's Day so Happy Mother's Day and yay for sunshine!!! I am already forgetting how that feels being back in Utah for a week.

Because it was mother's day, all the girls that night got a flower and a heart shaped cake. Me and Camille aren't mothers, but we sure liked the cake!

haha.... This one only makes me smile/laugh because this guy in the carnival suit sort of turned into our entertainment of the trip. He was just a super funny guy--mostly very awkward at times, but somehow he was everywhere we went so we all turned into the best of friends. Meet Jason, Entertainment Host. I'm sure there will be more pics of him to come. This is a pic of the boys playing some basketball on the top of the ship. When they were done, Mike had about 7 new blisters on his feet. I say new because he already had about 2-3 from the marathon a few weeks ago. haha no bueno.

And last, but not least here is a picture of pink lady's progress so far. She has not been super cooperative, but Mike has been super patient and has basically taken over whipping her into shape. Go my husband. And no, the pink bottom is definitely not staying.

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EmandZak said...

Way to get your husband to do the project! Great deligating woman. :)