Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well you are probably thinking this post will be about the fabulous cruise we just went on....
Well I'm feel overwhelmed about all the fun things to explain for that so that will be coming shortly.

For now, because I've been a neglectful blogger, I am just going to post some of the projects we've done or are working on right now. 

When I say "we" I am serious. My husband is a stud. He seriously helps me with all the crazy project ideas I come up with. I think he likes it too even though he is too manly to get all giddy and excited like me. 

Here is a project I did while he was working on a Saturday night. We bought this coffee table at the DI for $25. Mike didn't like it one bit. haha but he sure likes me so he agreed to let me get it hoping that I could spruce the ugly thing up.

I sanded it down and painted it (by hand--not a good idea--I forgot the beauty of spray paint for a small second but I will never again) and then I painted it again....and again. This thing required like 10 coats of paint. Then I just did some glaze to antique it up a bit. After that, I tried my hand at some glass etching. I used some stencils I found at Michaels and a "frost" spray I got at Lowes. I think it turned out alright. I had to re-do it a few times but luckily, some rubbing alcohol and a razor blade took it right off. After I figured that out, I did it on the bottom so it won't rub off from normal wear and tear. It was finished off with a clear coat of poly-urithane and we were done. :) I think her potential was finally met. Mike agreed. 

 This one below I haven't started quite yet. Last night I covered the glass and cleaned it up a bit so we can start painting, but we have a long journey ahead of us for this guy. And yes, that is big red peeking in the back there. We seriously have nooooo room in our house. But I keep finding things I can't live without somehow. haha Our house would resemble someone trying to pour a big gulp into a dixie cup. (Andrew and Camille should appreciate that.)

Also, I got this hutch from a gal who does some pretty awesome stuff. Her site is

Check it out. She's got some great stuff!!

This pink lady looks sweet and simple, but has really put up a fight. We are actually almost done with her, but I don't have any updated photos. I will post them as soon as I have them. Mike honestly has been doing most of the work on this because I do not get along with the staple gun we have. It causes me much pain and distress, so I cut out the fabric and have mike go at it. Not an easy task. If I even do another chair like this....well I might not....but if I do it won't be any time soon.

This is the fabric I chose for the chair. I really like it, but the more I look at it the more I am reminded of St. Patrick's Day. We've grown a love hate relationship. More love than hate though, so hopefully that doesn't change. 

I found this beauty at Savers on Monday for $5. I don't know what I'm going to do with it quite yet, but I'm loving the detail on the doors so I think it has great potential. 

And about the cruise---It was great!!! I will post lots of pics and the highlights here shortly! It was a blast and my husband's skin color is about 6 times far as me--this whitey is still pretty white. 

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Camille & Andrew said...

Love it all! You're amazing! The cruise was a blast, and we don't have to look at anymore Big gulps ha ha :)