Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Twins

Remember these guys?

Well...we painted them yellow. 

(oh and ps someone asked me kind of disgustedly the other day if the pic above was at my house.....I assure you it wasn' was at the thrift store. Promise)

Do you feel like our house is going to look like a rainbow?

Because it might. But I'm trying to have a plan for each piece of furniture, so I'm hoping once we move in and get things where I am picturing I will prove you wrong.....hopefully.

We used an ugly gray primer, because the finish on these guys didn't make friends with the paint easily. But then we just used yellow spray paint and painted them up.

We didn't use much glaze, but we did use it in the detail there in the middle. I think it worked great in there. :)

Ps....I know, I know gray and yellow is what everyone is doing right now.
But I love it so much.
So I'm just going to jump on that bandwagon anyway...sorry.

1 comment:

Meggie said...

I love the "Twins" they look so good! You're so creative Kristin!