Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Mikey

It's this boy's birthday today! He is 25 years old. I can't even believe it. 
25 seems old. 
I love him oh so much and can't imagine finding anyone in the world who treated me as sweet as he does. 
I hope he has the best birthday ever!

Happy Birthday to my Mikey!!!

(PS sorry about the ancient picture-- I don't seem to take many pictures lately... maybe because of the extra huge stomach...yeah probably because of that)


Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday Mike!

Kristin I swear I feel like I've been patiently waiting for a post from you. Take some pictures already and update us on how exciting pregnancy is. :)

Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Happy Birthday Mike!! Love you guys, can't wait for Ragnar!

Mike and Kristin said...

Baha Priscilla... you are funny. I will definitely get going on that. Just for you!

And Emily, we can hang out this time during ragnar! Or meet them at the finish or whatever. I'll be like 500 weeks pregnant, hope you don't mind. Let's make some plans though!!