Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Easter!

Easter is becoming one of my favorite holidays. 
I think it's primarily because of the candy. 

Mike's Pick:

My Pick:

If you haven't had those jelly beans, your life is really lacking. They are so good!!! Mike loves those eggs, but I really don't like Reese's so I am not a fan. I'm also not a fun of kissing the boy after he's eaten them. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. 

For Easter this year, we went down to St. George. We have some family there and my Brother-in-law's brother just got home from his mission so we went down to join in the festivities and see him speak in church. He did great and it was fun to hang out with everyone. I may or may not have eaten about 15 brownies over the course of our two day stay.

On our way down, we stopped in Provo and went to a little spot we found by the tabernacle. I've never been there but it was quite tasty and such a cute little spot. Lucky Provo-ites who can go here all the time. I really loved it. 

On Saturday, our nephews Breckan and Tayden did some easter egg hunting as well and got quite the loot.  

They were so cute about finding their eggs. I can't wait until we can be Easter Bunnies ourselves. It was fun going with my Sister-in-law to pick out the stuff for their Easter baskets. 

And here is a little peek at our little guy's face that we got at our last appointment. We are excited for the little pig nose it looks like he has! haha And no, the black stuff is not hair...(some people have thought it was haha) it's just where the camera cuts out. He's cute so far though. We are getting really excited! Oh and we have a name too! Wahoo!


Maddee said...

i am also a fan of the reeses eggs! yum! your babes has a precious profile. we got our target ultrasound last week and all we could see was his ear! he would not let us see his face! so frustrating! glad you got a good shot though! :)

Terah Harris said...