Friday, June 8, 2012


Has anyone met my cute husband? 
Yeah, he's a keeper. 

I haven't written a creepy, cutesy, gaggy post for awhile so this one may be one of those sorts. 

Number one, that guy never complains about anything. He just sits and listens to me CONSTANTLY complain. 

Example of a typical drive in the car. 
Me: "Uh, could you back the car up? I can't fit in the tiny little space between the car and the stairs in the garage to get to my seat?"
Him: "Yeah, sure!"
Me: after getting in the car.. Usually one of these statements would be made next:
"Man my ribs hurt."
"I can't breath sitting like this! I have zero lung capacity."
"I'm hungry."
"Can we get a treat?"
"Wow I really wish your child would stop trying to kick his way out of my stomach."
"Can you get my phone from the floor? I dropped it."
"Shoot I don't have my purse! Can you get it?"
Him: The answer to all of these is either "Yes." or "I'm sorry babe. I think you are doing a good job."

After that, I usually either start crying (if I'm hungry the chances of this happening are increased about 500%) or I'm content for a minute and then think of another complaint. 

See?? He's really nice. 
And I really do try to limit my complaining. He should have the rights to complain about my complaints though and he never does so I am grateful for that. 

Anyway the point of this post is to document what he did for my birthday. 
Here's the deal--we have birthdays right next to each other. His is May 9th and mine is the 15th. It's awful. You know why? 
He ALWAYS outdoes me by just a tad because he follows after me. 
It's cute though because he'll see what I do and then he'll try to come up with something similar that I would like. 
So this year for his 25th birthday, I put together 25 gifts and gave them to him throughout the day. It was fun. He was a good sport too because some of them I sat on the bed with a specific time to be opened. If it had been me I probably would have opened them all as soon as he left for the day. So here's how it started.. 

A few weeks before, we were talking about weird stuff we liked when we were kids. 
Embarrassing as it is, I told him how I used to love The Sound of Music movie. I would watch it over and over and over.... Until 9th grade when I tried out for the school play (which was the Sound of Music that year) just hoping and praying I would make my dream come true of being one of the characters and getting to sing the songs and I got...what role? A nun. Yeah that was the end of my watching the Sound of Music. I was convinced that the pain would never leave me. 

I'm over that now though and I don't mind the songs. 

So this is what I woke up to the morning of my birthday. 

It was hanging from the bedroom door when I got up. And it rhymes. How cute is that? 

So I will try to remember all the gifts. Some were physical gifts and some were emailed to me so bear with me here.

1. It's not clear enough to read the text, but this was hung on the fridge when I went downstairs to get breakfast. I have quite the obsession with Subway breakfast so he provided the funds to get myself some.

2-3-4. The next thing was waiting in the car. This is after I had already kind of gone through it but it was a basket with all baby stuff because our baby is one of my favorite things I guess. haha But there were some vouchers for these clothes at Gap that I really wanted to get him (which were gone when we went back for them :( sad day) and also a breast pump. (sorry that's kind of awkward to write on here a little bit) Also there were treats in there to make sure that he was well nourished that day.

5. Was in the glove box. I love Kneaders! This was for my lunch.

6-7-8. These were emails with vouchers for different things. 6 was a pedicure. 7 was some shoes. 8 was dinner at Texas Roadhouse. 

9. When we got to dinner he gave me a little bag with an iPhone case. 

10. The last thing was shopping! Which is one of my very favorite things. He got me a gift card to Forever 21 and we went down to City Creek and did a little shopping. 

So he did pretty good right??? 
I thought so. I am really grateful for a nice husband who likes me even when I have this huge bubble coming from my middle. And that's all so you can stop throwing up now. :)


Nicole said...

That's because Subway breakfasts are the best!!!! The one by my house serves breakfast all day! Yummy. Happy Birthday!

Priscilla said...

That's so sweet that he took the time to do all of that. What a good man.
I'm sure that pump will come in handy, not awkward, that's one of the best things you can do for the little guy.

What role? A nun. Yeah that was the end of my watching the Sound of Music. I was convinced that the pain would never leave me.

Terah Harris said...

Aww, this is so cute. And i think you're hilarious. I love mushy stuff. Very adorable

Candice Beth said...

Mike is seriously the best! You guys are adorable! :) Good luck with the baby coming so soon.... Im so excited to see some pictures!!