Saturday, June 23, 2012


Edema: effusion of serous fluid into the interstices of cells in tissue spaces or into body cavities.

WARNING: This post may not be fitting for those who may be sensitive to gross or ugly things. 

With that being said... behold... the FOOT. 

This is how my foot looks at the end of the day. It's not a pretty sight, but I'm actually hiding the worst part with my skirt. As my little brother put it last night, my calves "are bigger than the line backers" on the football team. I guess they have big calves. And I've got bigger ones. I hadn't looked at them for awhile (it takes a little extra effort to find them down there) and caught a glimpse the other day. It was scary! 

And this one my friends is my foot after the gym. You see-I have a hard time getting my shoes on, but then once I get them on, the liquid is squeezed into my ankles and calves. That makes my shoes more comfy, but looks a little weird after.

Don't worry--I've been told this is all normal and I'm not dying or anything. I was a sweller in the heat before I was pregnant, so I figured this was bound to happen. Although, I never knew how much water one body could retain. But hey, it makes for a good laugh for everyone else right? 

Anyway, that's enough of that. 

Here are some pictures of other aspects of our lives as of late.

We've been working on little one's room. This is the side we have done. The other side is just the crib and things but I still have to make a fitted sheet for the bedding of the crib so I'll post it when I'm done. I made the curtains and pillows and Mike helped (pretty much did it all) with the pad on the window. He even did the tufting. He's such a good husband. Although, don't tell him that I posted that he did it all-he doesn't like people to know that he can be crafty. This has been my first experience with the sewing machine though so that's been interesting. You just can't look too closely at anything haha. 

Little one has a lot of clothes from showers. He's kind of spoiled. We're super grateful though. :)

He even has a sweater and bonnet that my sweet grandma made for him. Tayden is modeling it for us below. haha It's a little large for our baby, but someday it will fit him. Mike suggested maybe she could make us all one and we could take a family portrait?  She made all sorts of things for the little guy, including little baby booties, a baby cocoon, mittens, etc... Cutest grandma ever.

Below is the belly at 36 weeks. It's feeling pretty huge. Skirts have been my life now. I don't really wear anything else. 

I'm excited to be able to be done with the whole pregnancy gig though and have our baby here. Only a few more weeks! I'm also excited to get on the road to getting back into shape. (and having real ankles) It's really not that exciting gaining a considerable amount of weight by the second. At least it's for a good cause. 

Well that's all the random pictures I have so I guess this post is about over. Maybe next time there will be a little Hancock to post about. I would be oh so happy.


The Storeys said...

ha ha ha ha ha your poor ankles!! That looks miserable! you look so cute though and so does your little guys room :) where did you get the shelves for the books? I'm turning our spare bedroom into a toddler room and wanted to do something like that.

Eryn said...

Did I tell you about watermelon? To help with swelling you can eat up to half a watermelon a day. It will help a ton with swelling, provided you are not allergic :) make sure you are putting your feet up for at least 20 min when you get home as well and that helps. I remember this all too well. I can't wait to meet little man Hancock!

Makenna said...

I love all this baby Hancock business. You are one crafty lady! Can't wait!

The Coles said...

I'm so sorry about the feet!! I also had this problem. My thighs, knees, and ankles were all the same size haha! What's really cool though is watching them all shrink after you have the baby. You feel like wonder woman:) You look adorable though. Not that I'm surprised. Exciting things:)

Maddee said...

His room is adorable! your very creative. your poor i have said before, my ankles may not be swollen, but my face is! I look ridiculous! We are getting so close. Can't wait to see your little boy!

Terah Harris said...

Awww, the room is SO CUTE! I love that Mike is crafty, but it looks like you are both doing a lot to get ready for the baby. ;) I am so sorry you're all 'Michelin Man' right now, the summer heat just makes it all worse. I can't wait to see the little guy though, and then you can get back to normal fluid levels in your feet! ;) Take care of yourself, it's almost time!!

tukkerandsheilawillson said...

Your poor ankles! That baby room is SO cute!!