Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Well good and bad news...

Bad news: I'm still pregnant.
Good news: I have an induction scheduled.
Bad news: It's not until the 17th.
Good news: That's a day before my due date.
Bad news: My doctor thought I would have gone already so I've been planning on earlier.
Good news: I'm dilated almost to a 4 and really thin...says my doctor.
Bad news: That still doesn't give me any sort of indication of when this kid will come out.

This isn't a very fun game. I must need to learn a serious lesson in patience because I'm going crazy here.

Our child seems to be pretty large so far... here are his estimates:
37 wks: 7lb
38 wks: 7lb 11oz
39 wks: 7lb 14oz

I guess he's either slowing down his chubby eating habits, or the computers at the drs office are kind of off. We did use a different one this time than the last two times so hopefully it's accurate.

Hopefully he'll decide to come soon before my ankles explode!!


Maddee said...

good luck! im excited for you guys! its the coolest experience ever. Good luck. cant wait to see him! :)

Makenna said...

You have the best attitude about it! Makes me laugh! You're in the home STRETCH!!

Pipers said...

That's so exciting!! I hope everything goes well for you. And just a P.S. my dad is a PA (physicians assistant)and my OB with my first baby said you really can't get a very good estimate of how big or small a baby is while you're pregnant. I mean they can tell if they're too small or too big but to measure lb and oz is really really hard. So hopefully your baby is just right!