Monday, October 1, 2012

For the Love

This Saturday we were re-living our high school days over at our house.
My little brother, Todd, went to his last homecoming dance. I thought it would be so fun to do his dinner at our house. So I roped Mike into helping me put it together and we put on our production this weekend.

And of course I didn't get any pictures until after the kids left... it was just too crazy before they got there to snap any.

Mike did snag a few when just a couple kids had gotten there.

There were such cute kids that came, and it was fun to put together. Although it was a whole lot of work and I'm pretty sure little Hudson felt pretty neglected all day. Poor little man. We had to snuggle him extra on Sunday to make up for it. I think he's starting to forgive us though. :)

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Priscilla said...

Wow Kristin you you're a nice big sis. Everything looks amazing!