Sunday, October 7, 2012

The truth.

This weekend was general conference. Did you know???

I know there are always a lot of posts on Facebook, Instagram, and blogs about conference and some may find it annoying or redundant. But I think it's really great. I read a comment on fb once that said something like ''this isn't your journal so write your thoughts about conference elsewhere.'' I was kind of really sad about that.
It's soooo important to share your thoughts and those little feelings of pure joy that you feel like you just have to get out. At one point in my life I was at the receiving side of those comments. And not knowing quite what they meant or why everyone was so happy about church or the things they learned there made me curious. And from there I was introduced to the gospel. The gospel led me to a happiness that I didn't know I was missing. And that brought me to my really super great husband which brought me this little baby that I adore. I can't even express in words how blessed I feel to have the truth of the gospel in my life. I hope I can live in a way that is deserving of this huge blessing. To all those friends that spoke out and were good examples to me I will always so grateful. I hope we can all share things that really inspire us with our families and friends and to the world so that the people who are ready to find the gospel can.

That being said...
I really loved conference. I always really love it, but each time I hear different things that I think are really for me. This time I really heard the message repeated by our leaders and the spirit seemed to whisper, ''you are doing okay but you need to do better.'' It seems like sometimes life gets the best of me and I don't do as much service, scripture study, and other things as I could. I also got excited about doing my own family history work. I got a small start about a year ago but haven't done anything since, so I'm excited to get that ball rolling again. For me, conference brought a lot of renewed commitment and I felt the spirit so many times testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel and its principles.
How lucky are we to receive instructions from such inspired men?
I'd say we are pretty darn lucky.

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