Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random but Happy!

Well today is August 23rd. I can't even believe the summer is almost coming to an end. It makes me so sad! But excited for Christmas of course. I sure love that time of year. And our anniversary. And Thanksgiving. And Halloween. Okay so maybe the end of summer won't be too sad after all. We have lots to look forward to. 

We don't have much new to report. We love our new neighborhood and ward. It's been so fun getting to see all the good examples of parents and families in our ward. Mike was called to the young mens. (big surprise) and I get to spend my Sundays with 20 little 2 year olds!! haha They are all super cute and it's been really fun. Quite the change though. I'm gonna have to say that teaching 17 2-year-olds is not an easy task. I always thought that nursery is all about babysitting and snack time, but we have some great nursery leaders in our ward who really try to make sure to get a good lesson in. Last week, I was asked to teach and I'm gonna say that I maybe got 5 words in and they started screaming and chasing each other around the room. 
The lesson was on "I will say I'm sorry." I kept asking this cute little boy, "Okay so when do we say I'm sorry?"
He kept replying, "I'm sorry."(probably like 3 times and I kept repeating the question)
Me: "But do you know WHEN we say I'm sorry?"
Him: "I'M SORRY!!!!" with a pouty face so frustrated with me. 
haha I think he thought I was implying that he needed to apologize. 
As you can see, it's a pretty good time.

Mike has been working a ton at the hospital, so I was pretty much on my own for most of the weekend. So I re-did this table. 

And surprise! I forgot to take a before picture. 
I'm pretty sad I did because this thing was pretty hideous. It was a really bright orangish wood color and was scratched up like crazy. I did get a pic of the chairs, but it's on my other camera so I will add that soon.

But here is the result!!!

 Here's a chair. 

Oh and by the way, I didn't do the whole thing this weekend. Mike had been staining the top one layer at a time all week and he had painted most of the chairs too. I just did the antiquing and put the seat covers on. 

But it's been a really fun project! One more thing to check off my list! 
And the best part is that we bought the whole table for $50 (with 6 chairs..there's only 4 out though) and we sold ours for a lot more than that!! So we actually made a little cash and got a table I like much better. 

Oh and one more thing!

Who knows this cute girl?
Isn't she a beauty? 
(yeah, sorry boys she's off the market for a few years....wait, do guys even look at blogs?...)
Five random things I love about her:

1. She has peed her pants more than any person I've ever known from laughing too hard.

2. She is always up for anything as long as it's fun.

3. One time in high school on the way to wendy's (for lunch of course) she came up with this idea (from a magazine) that we all had different roles in our group of friends and she self proclaimed that she was the one "who was supposed to be born a boy, but was born a girl."hahaha (I just had to put that in because I remembered it just barely)

4. Her mom. Seriously, anyone who has met her mom has to agree! So funny, love her.

5. Her loyalty to her friends. She's such a great friend and I just know I can always count on her to make me smile or help with anything I need.

(okay just one more..sorry)

6.   Her love for the gospel. She has always  been one to share the gospel with those around her and talk about how much she loves the church. I remember when I was baptized, she was so sincere about how excited she was for me. Her joy in the gospel will spread to so many other people. I'm just so excited for the people she teaches!

Anyway, this pretty little gal is going to be leaving on a mission in a few weeks. 
SO....I think she deserves a proper goodbye. 

Saturday, September 3rd is the new date!!!

My Casa!

We are gonna have a little get together to celebrate her and the new adventure she is going on! Everyone can come over whenever really, but let's say 7:00pm and we'll have a little BBQ with some different treats. So bring your own meat and maybe a side to share. (Definitely not required) Invite whoever! We love to see faces we miss!  

Hope to see everyone there!
If you need directions or an address just send me a little facebook message and I'll make sure to get that to you. Or you can text or call me 801-663-0677.
(is it bad to put your phone number on your blog??? If so someone hurry and tell me before I get kidnapped or something!)

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Oh Kristin!!! Love the table, it looks so dang good!