Monday, August 29, 2011

Yet Another...

You guessed it. Another project. 

Sorry our life is so boring. 

Anyway, I've been looking for a long time for something to put under the TV. We finally found something on Saturday morning at a garage sale that was pretty much exactly what I had in mind. :) Gotta love that. 

So here it is..

These are the drawers, I had already started taking them out when I remembered I needed a before picture, so sorry about that. 

And Wahla! (how do you even spell that word???) Here is the finished product.

The glaze is a bit light, I might go over it one more time, but I just loved the way the drawers are all the same size and the detail on them. It turned out just perfect. (Except for those dumb cords gr...too bad we have to pay at least $100 to get rid of them)

So that's that.

I love Sat morning garage sales. I'm going to be so sad when the warmth leaves and so do the garage sales. :( 


Anonymous said...

Kristin that is awesome! Seriously if I pay you will you create something that wonderful for my house!? I'm glad I get to still see all of your amazing finds and projects even though I'm no longer sitting outside you office!

Mike and Kristin said...

Yes, of course I would. You don't even need to pay me silly. But what are you looking for??? I will keep my eye out for you! Congrats on moving into your brother's house for a few months! That will be fun I'm sure! Sure miss ya!

The Caspersons said...

I love love love this! I have been looking forever for something like this. I need something to go under my tv so Carter won't knock over all our dvds. If you see one like this or a dresser I am in serious need. My clothes have been in baskets for months because I sold my dresser before I bought one. oops. But seriously you are so creative!!

The Storeys said...

Your house looks so new and cute! i'm definetly jealous :)