Monday, September 12, 2011

Living for the Weekends

Well, unfortunately the weekend is over.
But fortunately it was a great one.

And....I made a discovery. 

The reason my blog is full of furniture and nothing else is because I absolutely positively cannot in any way remember to take pictures of ANYTHING. (besides furniture....and only sometimes)

So I will use my most vivid adjectives to describe the highlights of this weekend.

Super crappy garage sales on Saturday. I guess the season is coming to an end :( which is ever so depressing.
BUT made up completely with free Chick-fil-a breakfast.
Time with the handsome hubby just hanging out. 
Saturday night hang outs at the bro and sis in laws to watch the game(s).
Sunday morning nerves because of our speaking assignments for sacrament meeting. 
The relief of being done speaking in sacrament meeting.
Bestie mission farewell. Absolutely fab--although maybe the least reverent mtg of my life.
High School Reunion at Shawnee's house. Super fun. Love those Silverwolves.
Wrapped up with Sunday night dinner at the parents.
Loved the weekend. Love our family. Love the ward. And love seeing all of Fremont High School. 

I did manage to snag one picture. 

I sure love these girlies. 

And of course, I'll post the most recent project. We did these a few weeks ago but I forgot to post them. 

Lil side table--garage sale $10

Super gross chair $3.50--garage sale

Painted them up and recovered the chair. And there is the outcome! Much better :)

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