Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My calling at church is in the nursery.

And boy do I love those little ones.

The hard part is there are 25 of those little ones. And sometimes 4 adults can't Monitor exactly all 25 at one time.

A few weeks ago, a sweet little aspiring beauty consultant found her way behind me during singing time and asked so politely if she could play with my hair. Before I knew it she had found some scissors I had put up on a stack of chairs. I didn't know she had found them until I heard a snip behind me and heard a few other kids point and gasp. I turned around to her innocent little face holding a section of my hair that she'd so sweetly cut for me. She must have known I needed a hair cut.

It really wasn't that much hair.. Maybe a section the about 4 inches long and the size of an extension cord. But it was pretty funny and probably frightening for her. When she saw my face I think she realized she had done something wrong. So I just got the scissors and my hair from her and took the scissors back to the library. Her little face was too sweet to get mad. When I walked back into the nursery room she looked up at me and said, "What happened to your hair?" as if she had no idea what had gone on in the last 5 minutes. I just laughed and told her she cut it, but she was too sweet to say much more so we left it at that. (Sorry guys, I'm not the best at reacting to these situations... as you can tell ha)

The next Sunday I walked into nursery and as soon as she saw me she asked, "Did I cut your hair?" She must have remembered and been thinking about it because I hadn't told her parents or anyone. (I didn't want them to feel bad about it.. I know, I know.. I'm not good at this stuff) I told her, "Yes, have you been feeling bad about it all week?" She nodded and I think we had it all taken care of at that point. But I ended up telling one of the other girls in nursery, who thought it was way too hilarious to keep from her parents. So they found out. Her mom is super cute and did the sweetest thing with little Sophie.

At about 7 that night I heard the door bell and opened the door to see Sophie and her mom on the porch. Her mom had a plate of cookies and Sophie had a card and a "craft" that she had made herself to say sorry. They must have rehearsed because Sophie said, "I'm sorry for cutting your hair" and handed me the things she had made. She was so sweet, I just loved it.

I thought that was just the cutest thing ever. What a good mom she has! I will make a mental note of her professional skills for someday when I have kiddos. 

On another note, I have the greatest employer. 

They gave me one of these for Christmas. 

Although, they may have given it to Mike more than me, because I can't seem to get my hands on it. 
Thanks to my great bosses!!


Nicole said...

By far the funniest nursery story I have ever heard! I am glad you handled it so well. I know some people who would have been crying. :)

Heidi said...

I really laughed & crying when I read this. :) Laughed because I agree with Nicole- super funny. And cried because I think I'm really getting a sense and love for those little kids in our lives. They are so sweet and we can learn so much from them. Thank you for handling the situation so well! You were amazing. I know that this story has left an impression on that little girls life, however big or small, including how you handled it.