Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This last weekend, we did a lot of fun things! I am so thankful for lots of things in my life. 

On Friday, we went to the Fremont Championship game with my Mom and Nick. It was a sad game because the boys lost, but I enjoyed being there with my family and watching my little brother. (I mostly watched him stand on the sidelines--he's just a junior so next year will be a fun year to watch)

After the game, Mike and I went to Buca de Beppo and it was yummy. Then we went to the temple. We were a little late for the session, so we decided to do sealings. What a good choice! 

The temple was so pretty at night and we had such a good experience. The Sealer taught us a lot and gave us a lot of things to think about and study when we left. 
So glad we went. :) I'm so grateful for the temple!

On Saturday, I got to spend some time with some of my favorite people. 
Once upon a time, I lived with ten girls in a house in Logan. Everytime I tell people that they shriek and say.. "TEN GIRLS!!!????" but let me tell you it was such a fun year. We all got along so well and were the best of friends. 

Lots of my roommates read the twilight books so when we were all living together, we all went to the premier of the first movie together. I remember everyone gathered in the living room after the movie at 3am to listen to one of my roommates read parts out of the book. 

We all reunited after almost 3 years and saw Breaking Dawn together. Since the last time we saw the movie:
6 of us got married.
1 of us has a little baby boy.
3 of us have lived out of state. (two are back thankfully) (oh and shelby lived in africa for a month--not sure if that counts?)
1 is back from a mission.
5 graduated from USU and one from BYU-Hawaii.
And I believe only 3 are still living in Logan. (one of those I'm guessing...Not sure on her whereabouts...haha)

As you can see a lot has changed. 
But I still love them all a million!

Martha and Bridget

Katie and Shelby

Bridge, Whitney, Lauren, Kate, and Martha

All of us after the movie. Check out Katie's eyes!

All of us again--a bit better of a picture.

It was so good to see them!! I sure love the 103 girls!!

It was a fabulous weekend. Can't wait for the one about to come!!! :)

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