Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Husband Michael

Well...I've been thinking about one thing tonight and I think I can post in on account of.. I failed to post anything mushy on Valentines Day. So if you hate mushy, you should probably close out now and spare yourself the agony you will find in reading this post.

Because this post is about my husband.

I was thinking a lot tonight about myself, and I realized something. I'm a complete lunatic. Then I realized something husband has never even complained about it.

I'm really not being dramatic either. I am always on some kick, whether it is a health kick, or a junk food kick, or a exercise every minute kick, or never exercise at all kick, or spend every cent I have to my name kick, or save every cent I can find around the house and on the ground kick, I ALWAYS go extreme about things. And once I get something in my head, I have to go and go and go with it until I get it out of my system. I have been like this for as long as I can remember. One example: when I was in 8th grade I decided it was time for me to have a cell phone. I asked my mom every day, probably every hour how I could earn it. I also researched it until I found the best deal with the best phone. Once I found that, I put up ads and printed off articles to post all over the fridge. I never slept until I finally got the phone. That's a dumb example, but that's how I get. Crazy.

The miraculous part about all of this is that Mike supports every stupid kick I get on. I can't remember him ever rolling his eyes at me, or shaking his head. When I tell him the brilliant ideas that I conjure up in my head, he always says, "Go for it babe." or something reassuring like that. And the other crazy thing is when I start to second guess my idea, he will always support me and tell me I can do it. Lately the crazy me has wanted to exercise every day as much as I can without killing myself. Because of this, he was there as I bought a treadmill (which does not even fit in our house) and I have been going to the gym every night. No complaints from Mikey. He just lets me be insane. I love that.

When I think about that, I think that Heavenly Father must have been preparing him from the moment he was born how to deal with a lunatic wife like me. But I'm probably the least of the things that Mike has been prepared for. The first time I met him, I thought he was so different from anyone I've met before. He seemed so special. He hasn't changed. I know he is going to do things in our lives that will be really important. I know everyone has such a special purpose on earth, and Mike will do amazing things. Hopefully I can be his side kick without interfering too much with his great works.

I could go on and on for days on this post because I get obsessed about things remember? And Mike is definitely something (really someone) I'm pretty obsessed about. There's only a few more things I wanted to write about.

The next thing I was thinking about him is that he never sleeps. Ever. He hates it. I love it. He loves me though so he lets me sleep as much as I want. But really, the boy hates sleeping. Do you want to know why? Because he thinks that he is missing out on doing things if he sleeps. So on his days off, he gets up at six. He goes running, he cleans the house, he runs any errands needed, he prepares lessons for church, he always reads his scriptures early, and he makes sure to write in his journal. What do I do on my days off? I sleep as long as possible and then I get up and go find him to cuddle 'til I wake up fully. I've gotten better since I've known Mike, but the boy can't and refuses to stand still.

Another thing is he never says no. Actually he never even has the opportunity to say no because he will always ask if he can help before anyone could ask him. He just has this love for Heavenly Father's children and will always do whatever he can to help. People are drawn to him because of this. They know his good heart before they even get to know him. This goes right back to him being put here for some special reason. When we moved into our new ward, he had to go to church alone the first week because I had to work. The next week when I went to church with him, he got a calling. He was called to the Elder's Quorum presidency. Was I surprised? No. When a new president was called and the presidency was dissolved, he got a new calling. Young men's president. Was I surprised? No. I know he will always be called by the Lord to these things because he is more than willing to do whatever the Lord, and anyone else, needs him to.  Actually he does more than what's needed. He'll always go above and beyond.

Last thing I am going to bring up about him is this. The boy doesn't ever need. He never needs anything. He is always happy with whatever he has. A lot of this has to do with his mission I think, but still. We book a cruise and I am already at the mall three months in advance because I need cute new things to wear on the cruise. Mike refuses to admit that the swim suit he owns is about 3 times too big and it really could be donated at this point. I go on my psycho health kicks and make only vegetables for dinner with a little breast of chicken, and he thinks it looks great. It's beyond my comprehension. We budget all of our money and have allowance and my allowance lasts about 3 days, while he starts paying extra on bills because he can't think of anything to use his allowance on. Is this completely amazing? Yes.

I already thought of ten more things to write but I am going to stop now. Most of you are probably already puking. And if you aren't, I've probably started your gag reflex acting up. I'm done now. Don't worry. But I will end it saying this, I'm a lucky girl. A lot of people compliment Mike to me after they meet him. I always get, "Your husband is a great guy" or "your husband is really nice" or from older women, like my mom "I'm so glad you found him, he is soooooooo cute." Well he is all of those things, and the greatest part is he is ALWAYS all of those things. I've never seen him mad or unwilling to help someone else, and I think he is pretty great. I always say he's really good at life. Because he is.


Emily Dawn said...

You're cute. And it is true, Mike really is that great! You are lucky. And he is lucky, because you are great too!

Call us ok? Love you!

Alex said...

i love you and i love that you blog! :) i can hear your voice as i read this! and its true, you and mike are really great!! and i love my cute plate platter you gave us for our wedding!! love love love it! :)

The Storeys said...

This is a really cute post :) Mike seriously is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I'm glad you guys got married.