Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unknown Territory

I think we are at one of those times in life where we plan and plan and plan and then suddenly there isn't anything left to plan. Get married. Check. Me graduate from college. Check. Get a job. Check.  Make it through Marriage: Year One. Check. Mike graduate from college. Check. Mike get a job in a hospital. Check.

Now what???

I am a planner. A major planner. I like to know exactly what I'll be doing in exactly how many days and I don't like the unknown. Right now is one of those unknown times. Probably the biggest in my life I've ever experienced. I think I had everything planned out perfectly until this point. A few unexpected turns were in the road most definitely, but at least I had a destination. Now I feel like we are driving off a cliff and who knows where we'll land.

I guess the good thing about all of this is that I am slowly learning to hand my life over to someone who can plan it better than I can.

I only wish He would give me some hints.


Brooke and Jonny said...

Very well put! =)

Priscilla said...

A child?

Heidi said...

Are you pregnant?

Mike and Kristin said...

hahaha no I am not pregnant. I didn't think anyone would get that out of this post!! haha

Priscilla said...

I was just saying it's something u can plan. What position did Mike get?

Mike and Kristin said...

Oh he's working in the Wound Care Clinic up there. He really likes it so it's good. :) But yeah that may be a good thing to plan. :)