Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Because..

I love the whole idea of "just because..." 

 I especially love when I come home to this sitting on my kitchen table "just because."

(mostly because I have become quite the thrifty spender and maybe my husband feels bad)

Nonetheless, I still love it. and him. 

I also love this...

I was so glad to see all these girls. We had such a good time catching up and it was great to be together again! Post-lunch a few of us decided this should be a less rare occasion. We then discussed the possibility of allowing ourselves into the world of Bunco. It may be a little cliche but it's so fun. 

All girls.
Once a month.
Yummy food.
Catching up.
Treats of course.
and fun.
Takers anyone?

I'm serious.

If you would like to be part of our group please indicate so in the below comments. You do not have to be in this picture to participate. Also, if you are embarrassed to do so, you can email me your interest at kristin.b@aggiemail.usu.edu. We will be putting this together shortly. And don't even think it won't be a party every month.

We are trying to get an idea of what days work best for everyone too so please indicate that as well.

Thanks for your cooperation and love you all.

(p.s. if no one comments below I am going to look/feel pretty stupid so please don't hold back)


Amy said...

Ooooh pick me! I want the spot that you're in-- the laying down spot. That's my favorite.

Emily Dawn said...

How about this-

Me & Colton.
You & Mike.
Once a month.
Yummy food.
Catching up.
Treats of course.
and fun.

Any takers???

The Sawyers said...

well if you get this thing going, I would love to be a part of it. I hear people talk about Bunco all the time and i am embarassed to say I don't even know what it is. Let me know! Thanks.

Heidi said...

Ooo can I come? I love playing Bunco! I was actually part of a Bunco group from my last ward for a long time (over a yr) but then everyone just started moving too far away, so it ended. So I'd LOVE it if you'd let me be a part of yours. :) We used to go to a different person's house each month. (Just a fun idea.)

Alex said...

me! pick me! i miss you guys!