Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I love going home. I love that my mom still lives in the house I grew up in. And while lots of things have changed pretty dramatically, I still love to be at her house where my little brother and I grew up. That's the other part I love--my little brother. He thinks I'm a goody-good and way too mushy, but he loves me and I know it. I was always the bossy sister and he was always the shy brother, or should I say student when I was the teacher, customer when I was the waitress, and one time even the client while I was the make-up artist. (It's a good thing he doesn't read this or even know what a blog is) I grew up thinking of all sorts of nick names for him. First, Toddy or Toddle or my favorite that stuck, re-Todd. My mom never liked that name. I loved it. My dad loved it too. I think Todd even loved it because it was a special name only I called him.

Todd is all grown up now. He's not really my "little" brother anymore. He's pretty big. Mostly just strong, and he's good at all sports. He loves to play sports. He doesn't love to play games. But I do and I drag him along. He has taken care of my mom when she needed a man in the house, and even though he'd never admit it, I think he'll always be a mama's boy. He has a big attitude, but it comes with the age and sometimes we can even see past it. :) He loves Mike. I know he looks up to Mike, and while Mike also falls into the "goody-good" category, I think he wants to be like Mike. I hope he does, but then again I'm biased. He's quiet. He tries not to smile when I sit on him or drag him to hang out with me and Mikey, but I know the smile is there. He's a good boy. He won't admit that either. I hope someday he will. He smells sometimes. But that comes with the age too. He's a cute boy and one of my favorites.

This is him. He's a looker huh? Well step back ladies because he's got a girl. She's a cute one too.

Here's my other looker. We have lots of fun. This was my step-sister Emma's birthday cake. It's really pretty.

We brought our Just Dance wii game and all enjoyed. 

Just Dance on Wii is very tiring. This is us after all the exertion. 


Jenn said...

haha! I love it! I feel the same way about my little bro, he's the best-- as you know, prob alot better than I do! Love the posts!! :)

Mike and Kristin said...

Jenn! I know it's so funny to think back to when we were kids and I was probably so evil to him. You were at least probably nice to Mikey. But.......It's time you invite me to your blog!!! PLEEASE??