Monday, July 18, 2011


So remember this dresser?

It's named Lion because it has these weird little lions on the sides of the top drawer. It's not very cute...haha but I didn't think it would be easy to get those things off so I am leaving them. Every time Mike and I would talk about the dresser, we always referred to it as "lion" because of those weird little heads. 

Even though it has those weird heads, it still turned out pretty well. 

It's probably my favorite. I know I say that every time but I'm serious. This one was awesome.

I'm really not very good at taking "during the process pictures" so you'll have to deal with my before and afters. 

This project was really nice because it didn't take much time or effort, and I was kind of winging it with the idea I had, but it turned out to be a success. 

Here were the supplies:

I basically just covered the top while I painted the drawers and the desk. I went through about 4 cans of Primer because I was going from such a dark color to white. Primer became my best friend.

This is the part where I suck doing the "during" pictures. Basically I covered the top and painted the bottom and then uncovered the top and did about 4 coats of stain with a black stain. It worked really well. I had never stained anything before so I was so glad. After I did the stain, I did a single coat of polyurithane which is practically the best thing ever and it made the top shine like crazy. 

And here is the end result in our bedroom!!! 

Oh and a few side notes:

I put a better end picture on the bench. It's still not the best, but you can see it here.

Also, I have some sad/happy news. We moved all our stuff in our house and regretfully, the twins just really don't match with the other yellow colors in our room. They are soooo cute but I'm a freak about matching so...I think we are going to sell them....(this makes me nervous because we've never sold any of our furnitire) sooooo...if anyone is possibly interested, please let me know. I don't know a price yet, or even if we will be able to find them a home, but we will see. You can look at them here. If anyone is interested, you can email me at We'll see how this goes.


The Storeys said...

Wow! so cute Kristin! I love reading your blog. I just bought a dresser from the DI today and cant wait to repaint it. I bet your new house is adorable :)

The Caspersons said...

I love love this project! I think it is so stinkin cute. How do you manage to find so many great things?!

Brooke and Jonny said...

She is beautiful. Will you come over and whip my butt into shape?

EmandZak said...

Why such lovely lions you have!