Monday, October 24, 2011

Second Chances

Well remember last time we ran Ragnar and I threw up 5,856 times?

Well good news! Second time is a charm! No puke this time! We did the las Vegas Ragnar and it was super fun!

We went down on Thursday and we got to stay at this super pretty home in Boulder City, where a friend of a team-mate lived. They were so nice for letting us stay! This was the view from their back porch below.

We started running on Friday about 2:00pm and kept going...

...into the night. This is Mikey and my mother in law in the car that night. I think Mike and Dawna had just finished their legs at this point. Isn't my husband cute? haha

This is the next day on Mikey's last leg. He is soooo fast at running. He's amazing. He ran a total of 23 miles I believe, and mostly up-hill. He never even had one thing bad to say about it. He would probably have me explain in this picture that his ipod which was perched on his waste fell at this very moment and that is what he was grabbing. :) Not that you would have noticed before, but just to add the disclaimer.

Mike said this should be my slogan for the race. It pretty much was. When we ate dinner the night after the race, I definitely got my fill of diet coke.

I don't really know what this car is, but it was the son of our hosts. Mike thought it was cool enough to document it though so I thought I would add it. I think he looked up the price for this bad boy and it was about $114K-196K. (and this was his second car......and he's 23) Lucky boy! :)

This was my favorite. If you can't tell what is going on here, these are Mike's legs. And that is his mom and sister giving each of his feet a "treatment." He is a pampered little boy. haha I love it though.

And of course, here are our metals!! Since we did the Wasatch Back too, we got a "Saints and Sinners" metal.

It was a fun weekend! It went by waaaay too fast!

But luckily it's Halloween weekend!! Wahoo!

Ps Today I'm grateful for good health.


Kate & Brett said...

I am so jealous you guys got to go to Vegas and do this!! My goal is to do a marathon one day! You guys rock!! Ps, Kristin! I never got back to you on your question about my hair! I would be happy to talk to you! If you want to call me or text me, let me know and I will give you my number. You can also facebook me too if you have that!

Matt and Kathryn said...

I wish I was this motivated to run! That is awesome! Maybe sometime in my life i'll pick it up again... haha probably not. You two are darling! Congrats finishing!!

Brooke and Jonny said...

Man I definitely look up to you

Meggie said...

Yay! I'm glad you weren't sick for that one!