Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Everyone should know about this!

Okay so I don't usually advertise silly little things like this.

But this is sweet.

And keep this a secret. Because I have some very great things up my sleeve for that husband of mine thanks to this site.

It's called Jetsetter.

And it's awesome.

It has hotels all over the place and fairly good deals on lil vacations--BUT that's not the sweet part.

The sweet part is that you can earn credits all over the place. You get a $25 credit for signing up and then anyone you invite gets a $25 credit for signing up as well as if they book something, you get another $25 credit for their booking. (and if you are a semi-cheater like me you open several accounts with different emails and refer your "friends" and earn more credits!!! That's not cheating--that's strategizing...right?)

AND--they even sent me an email with a $75 credit just for being a member for their birthday or something. So $75+$25 is $100 credit towards a stay somewhere!!! And that basically makes one night free.

So you should sign up.

And if you want to use my link just in case you decide to book anything and want me to get a little credit, I won't be mad. Click below.


Happy vacationing!!! I hope this makes you all as happy as it has made me.

PS very random side note/question: Should I be brave and dye my hair dark?? I'm highly considering it but every time I think about it I get very afraid. 

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Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Do it! I know you know how I feel about blondes......

Jk jk jk jk - But try it out, I think you might like the brunette lifestyle :)