Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well everyone,

Mike and I are the proud parents of 4.

We are having quadruplets.

Baha yeah right.

But I wasn't lying about being the "parents" of 4. This week we have been hanging out with 4 kids as we house-sit. They are pretty cool. We've been trying our skills out at parenting. No far we probably haven't been all that successful. haha but we've had a lot of fun.

This is Miss Ginger and I with our apple masks. Ginger found a recipe for an "exfoliating mask" that we just had to try out. It wasn't the best facial I have ever experienced, but my face sure smelled like apple pie.

Last night, we took the kids to Bookdocks for FHE. 

We played lots of the arcade games and played laser tag twice. We also rode go-karts for about 2 and a half minutes but we sorta got rained out on that one. 

And last but not least here is our family portrait. So cute right? (Don't mind Dan on the far left pretending like he's crying. He's really not....at least I don't think he is..)

And here's to their real parents who raised good kids so that it's easy to be their fake parents. Job well done.

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