Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So a long time ago, I told Mike to take a Saturday off.
And I was questioned and interrogated for two months.
And I never even cracked.

I planned a weekend in Park City with the hubs and gave him envelopes through the day with the different activities, one leading up to the next. He loved it. haha A lot more than I even thought he would. I thought he would think I was silly, but he was so giddy every time I gave him a new envelope. It was great.

Envelope #1 was ready for him when he got up to go run the Layton Marathon. It was accompanied by a gatorade and fruit snacks (that's what he eats in preparation for a marathon--I know..he's weird). It just explained the whole envelope idea and what we would do that day.

 Here is him and Andrew after the marathon. They both did so good! This one was a milestone too! It's Mike's TENTH marathon!!! His goal is 50 in his life....I think if he keeps going at this rate he'll accomplish that in like 10 years. 

Envelope #2 was kind of a boring one. It just told him that we were going to end up in park city and let him choose what he wanted to do for a few hours. He picked to go to Maverick to get a smoothie and then go to the the outlet malls so we did that. We also went to world market for the first time. Heaven is what I call that place. 

Envelope #3 revealed our dinner plans. We went to a little place on Main Street and it was delish. 

 It was called 501 Bistro on Main.

 Envelope #4 was tickets to Thriller at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City.

 Street view of the theater.

 Isn't she a beauty?

Us waiting for the show to start!

Envelope #5 was a sweet one. It was the reservations for a night in Deer Valley at this place. (below)

Here it is!! I would write the name but it's french and I definitely can't spell it. 

We had so much fun!!! Mike kept saying "Thank you for the fun weekend" probably 345 times. He was so sweet. I loved how excited he was. 

And on a random last note: Garage sales on Saturday were AMAZING!!! All the items below were purchased!! And the best part--I only stopped at 3! Woo hoo! 

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