Friday, November 18, 2011

Stuff We Make

Me and Mike like to make stuff.

Here is some stuff we've made recently.

These are some random jars I covered in pretty things..

This is a wreath me and my BF Kortnie made. 

This is in the process of being made. Mike painted it because he's the best.

This is also in the process. I suck at before pictures that's for sure.

Last Saturday Mike and I had a competition of who could bake the best pie. I made the one above. It's a carmel apple cheesecake. Mike made the one below. It's a cherry pie. Yes, he did the braiding and the lattice and everything. He's super cool.

And that's about all of our creations.

But here are some other fun things we did this weekend.

This is me standing in line for 2 hours for the H&M grand opening. My mother and sister-in-law are the real troopers and they stood in line from 4am-noon on Friday. I had to work so I came when I got off at 11:30. Disaster stuck though as I pulled off the freeway and realized my car was completely out of gas and was having trouble going up the hill to get off the exit. It kept going and then stopping and I thought I was at the end of my life. Then when I finally got up the hill I had NO WHERE to go but to turn left at the light so I did with white knuckles and saying my prayers. I made it and ended up coasting right into Macaroni Grill's parking lot. Well not quite in the parking lot...more just in the entrance. But a nice gentleman helped push my car into the parking lot. From there I abandoned the car and ran over to the mall. Got into the madness at about 2pm. It was fun though. I'm so happy there is finally an H&M in Utah!!!

And these two lovely ladies are my little sister (on the top) and my niece (bottom). Aren't they just so cute? Addie (my sister) wouldn't look at me as I took the picture but who bets that my kids are going to look just like her? I sure hope so because she's a doll. They have a little bit of a shoe obsession so here they are trying on my slippers.

(And no that isn't a typo--she really is my little SISTER...long story. :) haha)


Emily Meyerhoffer said...

How cute that Mike crafts ;) Colton isn't into things like that what so ever!

The Storeys said...

um you have to show me how you made that wreath! so cute

Trisha Baker said...

Hey Kristin! I just love your wreath so I put it in my linky list on my blog post. I know everyone who comes through my site will love it! Come over and check it out!