Sunday, November 6, 2011


So this kinda cool thing happened to us over the weekend. 

We found this new GREAT spot. 

It's actually a consignment store in Ogden. And it's super great. And guess whose stuff is going to be featured there? 


Kinda fun huh? We have a few things there now and we're actually going to start painting some furniture for the store as well. They like the paint and we like free furniture to fix up so it's a perfect match. :)

Click here to go to their website. Or just go in. It's way more fun to just go look around. It's right by the junction on Washington Blvd in Ogden. 

I forgot to take some pictures of the building but I thought this bench was stinking cute!

I'm making a goal right now to be better about updating this blog with furniture. I have been kind of slacking because it was the only thing I ever posted about. But I'm finding a balance and I'll be better at updating. :)

Side note:
My friend makes these cool benches too and she does such a good job! Check out her blog:

Wish us luck and we'll see how this goes! Should be fun! :)

PS Today I'm grateful for Christmas music. 

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