Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Young Men

Look at this handsome young man. 
Isn't he a doll?

I'm happy I get to see him all the time.

 Funny story about this costume: When he was first introduced to it, he would SCREAM every time they got it out because he was so freaked out by it. I guess they finally bribed him into wearing it, but you can kind of see in the picture that he's not so thrilled about it. So funny. What a silly little boy!

Just had to post those pictures because they are so darn cute.

Last weekend, we had the young men from our old ward over for dinner. When Mike invited them, I doubted that many of them would come. I figured that high school kids had better things to do on a Saturday night. 15 minutes before we thought they were going to come, I answered the door to about 6 boys (all that could fit in one car). I was impressed that they had come and then a few minutes later, I opened the door to another group of young men. By the end of the night, almost all of the young men from our old ward came. Most of the priests that Mike had worked with came and they were so excited to see each other. 

My testimony grew so much of the programs of the church. I'm so glad that the church is so organized and that the youth have leaders to help them along. It was awesome to see each of the boys talk with Mike and tell him how things were going. They seemed to have grown a lot, and were doing such good things in their lives. I'm also grateful for members of the church, like my husband, who work so hard to magnify their callings. I know our lives are constantly blessed by the hard work of those in our ward and stake, and also by the general authorities who work so hard and give us such good counsel.

I got a bad angle on this picture--there are probably like 10 of them group hugging but you can only see like 4 of them... 

Today I'm super grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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